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  1. Carnifex

    aus post baulkham hills

    hey guys can someone tell me the operating hours of the aust post at the norwest business park, baulkham hills. cheers
  2. Carnifex

    somewhere to go for holidays with lady friend

    hey everyone, i want to take my new lady friend away sometime in the next few months, she has been to alot of beachey areas and up and down most of the nsw im looking for something thats maybe not very well known...i was thinking the whitsundays in QLd would be pretty good but yeah...
  3. Carnifex

    EA- MMA demo

    what a piece of sh*t....:x
  4. Carnifex

    sony vegas 8 help

    hey...made a short 15 second clip in sony vegas 8 has sound and some video effects...but when i render it as .avi it saves the file as 606mbs!!! wtf is happening here?
  5. Carnifex

    mafia 2

    Anyone played this yet? I didnt play the first but really enjoyed the second, although i thought the open world wasnt really "open" there wasnt much to do outside of the main story.
  6. Carnifex

    Dvd recorder digital channels help

    A friend of mine txt me saying she brought a hd dvd recorder but is unable to pick up hd channels like GO. She is using an old tv with the red, yellow, white cords.. Anyone know how to help?
  7. Carnifex

    child modeling?

    hey, not sure if its called child "modeling" but anyways, my sister wants to get my 8 month old niece into tv commercials or store catalogues etc...but we arent sure how you go about it. We have heard some agencies charge you an arm and a leg just to get the kid in does anyone have...
  8. Carnifex

    quick dvd burning/ps2 questions

    hey guys, does ps2 play data from dvds? ie: if i save it as data and not actually dvd format can you still play it?
  9. Carnifex

    thy art is murder

    new album= jizzzzz:crazy:
  10. Carnifex


    Anyone seen it yet? i watched it yesterday...thought it was really good, one of those mind f**k sorta films...
  11. Carnifex

    sending mail to US

    hey, ive gotta send a T-shirt in the mail to the states i gotta have it there within 30days...should i post it express? if so how much does that cost?
  12. Carnifex

    slayer: pinball rocks

    you gotta download this iphone/ipad app right now! its awesome! even if you dont like slayer or metal give it a look.
  13. Carnifex

    sending text msg over-seas

    hey a yank friend in the states and i was wondering if i wanted to text msg them would i have to put in some regional code first before the number? and will it cost a sh*tload like if i called? ..soo yeah basically how does it work? :lol::oops:
  14. Carnifex

    Parkway drive film clip= awesomeness

    new film clip for new song "sleepwalkers"...its all sorts of awesome:
  15. Carnifex

    tv shows

    Need some suggestions for new-ish tv shows.
  16. Carnifex

    eastbound and down

    FMD this show is funnny!!!
  17. Carnifex

    R.I.P Ronnie James DIO :( \m/
  18. Carnifex

    Parkway drive

    new album cover ...out 25th june! Im fuggin excited!!!
  19. Carnifex

    calf pain...arghhh

    went to the gym with a mate on the weekend and did staggered sets on a calf raise machine thingo...stretched afterwards and they were shaky but not sore....woke up monday morning and i can barely walk on my left and my right calf is killing. I cant put my left heel on the ground. i know its just...
  20. Carnifex

    getting fatter?

    i got a friend who is skin and bone and she eats nothing but kfc, chocolate and chips all day every day...and asked me is there anyway to get "fatter"...there is no way she will go to a gym so i didnt even bother mentioning a weights program. any ideas?:?