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  1. The Vaulting Violinist

    Your favourite wrestling memory

    We all love it - but what moment tops them all? i can’t go past this...amazing and goosebumps every time. as a kid our video ezy randomly had ecw ppvs. I was beyond hooked
  2. The Vaulting Violinist

    Watching NRL without crowds

    I’ve had the ‘interesting’ experience of being able to follow a ‘sport’ through the pandemic over the last few months. OK...well maybe not a sport, but let’s call it something close to one (rasslin’) Ive taken a step back the last few weeks and thought about whether there being no crowds at the...
  3. The Vaulting Violinist

    The Commons

    The trailers sucked me in enough to put Stan back on for a month I’m three episodes in now and well, it’s a slow build. As a complete mark for future sci-fi type movies, I’m a little disappointed with the limited focus, but there’s been some cool scenes and I can see the build up coming I also...
  4. The Vaulting Violinist


    Not sure if there’s a thread for this show, so apologies in advance if there is I’ve just binged the f**k out of season 2 and 3 on Netflix after watching season 1 a few years ago. It’s from the same guy that made star gate What are everyone’s thoughts on the show? I totally love it, I mean the...
  5. The Vaulting Violinist

    Scomo pickles himself at Maccas

    The mans love for the Golden Arches knows no bounds
  6. The Vaulting Violinist

    Roosters keen bean on Munster last year

    Sounds legit Why didn’t they snap up smith, ponga and both turbo lads while they were at it? :hugging:
  7. The Vaulting Violinist


    Anyone listened to this before? Pretty sad...good few years old but confirms how ill ric was at his depths
  8. The Vaulting Violinist

    All Blecks v Tonga

    59-0 just after oranges Competitive World Cup coming up what’s happened to Tonga?
  9. The Vaulting Violinist

    Aussie v Septics

    Pretty excited despite the spud teams Hope Aussie joe belts Donovan in the cock
  10. The Vaulting Violinist

    AutoBot Referees

    It is time Automation and AI is taking over everything, so why not refereeing. No more mistakes, no more meltdowns in game day threads. I propose two bots every ten metres on the field and one in the ruck. Drones would be deployed above the play to detect forward passes and emit a yellow laser...
  11. The Vaulting Violinist

    Coyne v Teddy v Renouf try

    Who was beta? My money is on the Teddy boy!!! Suck a phatty Queensland QLD
  12. The Vaulting Violinist

    Origin 3,2,1

    3 - Teddy. Don’t win without him 2 - Fergo. f**kn huge 1 - Cook/Munster. Both showed their class -3 - chambers. over the hill hack -2 - maloney. The drizzling turds -1 - Mbye. Horrid
  13. The Vaulting Violinist

    Graham to 5/8 a casual observer, you guys need to get someone tough that won’t feki up every five seconds Thank me later
  14. The Vaulting Violinist

    Moses Mbye almost kicks the bucket

    Thoughts and prayers. Jaysus
  15. The Vaulting Violinist

    Sharks moving to Kogarah

    now wouldn’t that just be the ickiest of icky sticky stuff you ever did see It’d draw like flies to a mortein can. We’re talking crushers crowds at Suncorp stadium aren’t we???
  16. The Vaulting Violinist

    Origin in the US?

    Anyone know if fox sports international are carrying it? Paid a stupid amount for nrl’s league pass last year and don’t really want to do that again L
  17. The Vaulting Violinist

    They tried to fly me down to rehab, but the planes won’t go go, go

    Sorry, wish him all the best. Good luck GI, whatever you’re going through is fixable with the right approach
  18. The Vaulting Violinist

    *AEW Chat*

    It’s happening! Couldn’t be more excited. With a TV deal on a big network I think AEW deserves its own thread now Who are you most excited to see? For me it’s all the new talents I haven’t seen before. Some really exciting names based on what I’ve seen on YouTube. Of the big names, how do you...
  19. The Vaulting Violinist

    Curtis Scott

    Been a naughty Curtis from what i've heard. gornski's if confirmed
  20. The Vaulting Violinist

    Hey Des

    Dear Des, f**k you. With respect, you ruined my club for 5+ years through signing up your buddies and back ending contracts with players that were ageing downhill skiiers. I hope one of our forwards finds you behind the sheds on sunday and gives you a royal flogging. EAD you mongrel. Yours...