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  1. Scott Gourley's Lovechild

    Camping and Fishing Advice

    Okay guys and girls, I need some advice regarding camping and fishing. I am finishing uni in November, then heading off to Noosa North Shore for a week long camping holiday. This will be the first time I have camped since I was 18, and that was a Contiki trip around Europe. Outside of the...
  2. Scott Gourley's Lovechild

    NSWRL City Jersey

    Looking for a City jersey, from the old City vs Country days. 2XL preferred, otherwise XL is fine. I’ll probably be moving out bush in 2022 for work, so I’m keen to represent my city slicker background!
  3. Scott Gourley's Lovechild

    Dark Side of the Ring

    I had heard great things about this series from some of the podcasts I listen to, such as the Dutch Mantell Show, Something to Wrestle with Bruce Prichard and The Jim Cornette Experience. I’m currently watching the Montreal Screwjob episode, and it’s awesome. Except for Scott Hall. Love the...
  4. Scott Gourley's Lovechild

    Dumb & Hopeful - Oldham

    Hi gents, Truely random, but you never know what answer you get. Many eons ago (otherwise known as 2003), an extremely young and naive Australian got on a train at Liverpool to travel to the JJB Stadium to watch the Kangaroos play Great Britain in The Ashes. The trains were rooted that day...
  5. Scott Gourley's Lovechild

    CA rolling out mandatory British Standard helmets for all cricket

    Cricket Australia is "recommending" to all clubs nationally to roll out the British Standard for helmets when batting, wicket keeping up at the stumps, and fielding within 7m of the wicket. This would be for the upcoming 2019/20 season...
  6. Scott Gourley's Lovechild

    Indie & Other Feds - SPOILERS

    Thought I would start this thread up, particularly since avenues such as YouTube & Facebook Live make watching wrestling globally so much more easier.
  7. Scott Gourley's Lovechild

    NWA Superthread *SPOILERS*

    To me, when Billy Corgan lost his legal case to claim TNA, I thought that was it for him. Turns out I was wrong. Corgan ended up buying the NWA from Bruce Tharpe, which still has questions over what he bought (Corgan has the letters and the “Ten Pounds of Gold” AKA the NWA Heavyweight...
  8. Scott Gourley's Lovechild

    Sweet Baby Ray’s Buffalo Sauce

    It’s a dumb question, so what better place to ask! I’ve been hunting for Sweet Baby Ray’s Buffalo Wing Sauce, and cant find it. Woolies used to carry it, but only carry their BBQ sauces these days. Anyone know where I can find it in Sydney? The closer to Hurstville the better (and not Costco).
  9. Scott Gourley's Lovechild

    ROH SuperThread SPOILERS

    Been watching quite a bit of ROH recently after downloading the Fite TV app (thanks JR's podcast!). With their partnership with NJPW going strong, the recent influx of new & returning talent (and Impact Wrestling's seemingly never ending demise), and the large volume of ex-ROH talent in NXT +...
  10. Scott Gourley's Lovechild

    Connecting a Wireless Printer

    I'm trying to connect a wireless computer to my laptop at the moment, and am having zero luck. It worked previously when it was connected to a home network my brother set up, but since he moved out with his computer the network is lost. I have tried following troubleshooting without much luck...
  11. Scott Gourley's Lovechild

    Buy & Swap Fridges

    I've just bought a new place, and am on the move over the next few weeks. One problem I have is the fridge I currently own will not fit in my new apartment. Does anyone know of any seconds dealers in Sydney that do swap and sell on fridges? Google hasn't been particularly helpful.
  12. Scott Gourley's Lovechild

    WWE Hall Of Fame 2015

    So with Macho Man Randy Savage confirmed as the first inductee into the WWE HOF for 2015, who else do we see going in this year?
  13. Scott Gourley's Lovechild

    Best place to buy digital electronics

    With Xmas around the corner, I am looking to buy my brother some digital electronics as he has entered the world of freelance photography and filming. Unfortunately I have no clue where to start. Can anyone recommend somewhere in Sydney that specialises in high quality digital electronic...
  14. Scott Gourley's Lovechild

    Ultimate Warrior passes away is reporting that The Ultimate Warrior has passed away. No circumstances revealed.
  15. Scott Gourley's Lovechild

    2x Soundwave Sydney Tickets FOR SALE

    I have 2 Sydney Soundwave tickets for sale at face value. Both me and my mate have had to pull out, his wife needs minor surgery and work is sending me to Orange. If anyone is interested, drop me a line.
  16. Scott Gourley's Lovechild

    Internet Providers

    I am looking at getting internet for my place, as I'm starting a new job and it requires internet access. Previously I have gotten by on my phone or going to the local RSL and downloading things from there. I understand there will be set up costs like modems etc, so I'm not worried about...
  17. Scott Gourley's Lovechild

    FFB Masterchef

    Hi kids, quick question. Just bought a bunch of spices to make dieting a bit tastier. So I need some blends for different kinds of meat, mainly chicken or beef. So far I have: - Ground Cumin - Ground Tumric - Ground Chilli - Ground Ginger - Ground Paprika - Ground Corriander Seeds -...
  18. Scott Gourley's Lovechild

    Wrestlemania 29 Predictions

    Final WM 29 Card *WWE champion The Rock vs. John Cena. *World champion Alberto Del Rio vs. Jack Swagger. *CM Punk vs. The Undertaker. *No Holds Barred, Triple H's Career on the line: Brock Lesnar with Paul Heyman vs. Triple H with Shawn Michaels. *WWE Tag Team champions Daniel...
  19. Scott Gourley's Lovechild

    Superthread XLI

    Did I win?
  20. Scott Gourley's Lovechild

    Help needed - looking for perminant accomodation in Sydney

    Hey guys + girls, I need some help. I'm planning on moving to Sydney at the end of August, but unfortunately my plans for accommodation fell through (that will teach me to assume things). Does anyone have a room to rent, or know of someone who does. Preferably I'd like to be in the south east...