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  1. Twizzle

    2022 Representative Round: Pacific Nations Games

    Love these weekends, some great footy. Good start for the Bloos in the U/19s last night. This thread is more for the Pacific Nations games. Here is a link to all the teams including the Pacific Nations teams.
  2. Twizzle

    Round 15: Player Votes V. The Chooks

    Vote away
  3. Twizzle

    Round 14: Player Votes V. Bulldogs

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  4. Twizzle

    2022 RL World Cup

  5. Twizzle

    Round 12: Player Votes V. The Clappers

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  6. Twizzle

    Round 11: Player Votes V. Manly

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  7. Twizzle

    Round 10: Player Votes V. Chooks

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  8. Twizzle

    Round 9: Player Votes V. Panfers

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  9. Twizzle

    Round 8: Player Votes V. Cowboys

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  10. Twizzle

    Eels Next Coach

    OK, so assuming we continue on with this shitty form till the end of the season, we should expect BA to be given his marching orders, although I believe he is still under contract for next season. So, whom do we think should be our next coach ? And who should be his assistants ?
  11. Twizzle

    Round 7: Player Votes V Knights

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  12. Twizzle

    Round 4: PLayer Votes V Dragons

    3. Mitch 2. Dylbags 1. Rheed
  13. Twizzle

    Round 3: Player Votes V Storm

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  14. Twizzle

    Round 1 Player Votes: V Titans

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  15. Twizzle

    Welcome to our newest NRL Franchise, the Dolphins

  16. Twizzle

    Player Votes V. Knights

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  17. Twizzle

    Player Votes V. Panfers

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  18. Twizzle

    Player Votes V. Cowpats

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  19. Twizzle

    MOM Player Votes V. Knights

    3. Gutho 2. Matto 1. Reed
  20. Twizzle

    Forum Upgrade

    If anyone has any USEFUL feedback concerning bugs or the like please let me know here. @Poupou Escobar you'll love this, you can insert tables now, useful for all your statistics. Cool Header Nothing here or here bullshit here Just gotta work out how to format it now.