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  1. boxa777

    OT US Open Tickets

    Going to the states around the time of the US open. Does anyone have any experience buying tickets to the tennis from here? ive asked a similar question for NFL matches also. thanks.
  2. boxa777

    OT NFL Tickets

    Going to the states later this year. Just wondering what the best way is for me to buy tickets to a NFL match from here? I know the 2020 draw comes out in April. Ta.
  3. boxa777


    I'll be upfront. Coming from setting up a VRL comp angle but interested to hear some expert opinion from those here that like to think a little deeper in terms of positions and realise the exact number on the jersey means very little. I see your Backrow is a little more bare than what Stuart...
  4. boxa777

    Gf 2011

    As per last year's cohort operation to grab the 300 or so tickets for the GF, are we getting something similar organised with the NRL for this season? Again, not being presumptious but it's better to be organised as I'm sure we will be. Last year was sensationally organised by the likes of...
  5. boxa777

    Nathan Gardner..

    Real shame how this kid was handled playing in Round 8 when he was obviously injured.. Does anyone know when he is due back? The Sharks website indicates Round 15 after the BYE but it's been constantly pushed back. Did hear somewhere that the injury is a lot more complicated than first thought...
  6. boxa777

    Saints v QLD

    Had this in the Saints forum, but I'm also interested in getting perspective from non-Saints fans. A hypothetical inspired by an off the cuff comment on the League Lounge. Saints taking on QLD. Obviously Boyd isn't eligible and will be replaced accordingly but I'm keeping the Kiwis. Here's the...
  7. boxa777


    Just wondering if anyone has any experience with this software used for creating animation? Was looking to do a few stickman animations but it seems quite complex for my average technological abilities. Any tips from anyone who is a master of this program? I have gone through some of the...
  8. boxa777

    Bay 119-2

    Where did everyone get seats in this bay? Just want to see how populated this bad boy will get throughout the week. Hopefully it is all Dragon Army.. Hopefully all seats are taken and we can get the big jersey happening. My bunch is with Macca's bundles in 42, 43, 44..
  9. boxa777


    Was at the Saints Knights game on the weekend and watched the old boys parade around. One dude who clearly hadn't skipped many meals caught my eye. I'm sure people at the ground would know who I am referring to. I don't have a massive knowledge of former Knights players but I had this feeling...
  10. boxa777

    Rip Rip

    Start by sayin that this is a very serious issue.. ha. As the army has rebuilt to pretty much dominating levels once again (thanks to Pete, Stel, Macca + Others), I notice one aspect of yesteryear hasn't returned and that is a shame. The ripped paper was all the rage in the day and looked...
  11. boxa777


    No not getting carried away or tryin to jinx the team but in the main forum I have just seen that the priority period for GF tickets is Tuesday July 27. About 4-5 weeks away. I'm assuming a plan of attack similar to last season would be on the agenda guys? Brilliantly orchestrated last year...
  12. boxa777

    Training Run

    Just wondering if anyone saw any Saints player break into a sweat today? One of the simplest training runs I have seen in some time. Wasn't a brilliant performance, just sh*t easy against a useless team.
  13. boxa777

    Fkn Sore Losers..

    Just read the post mortems in the Eels forum.. hahahahah. If you need a laugh and some thorough analysis from some of the premier minds in league today, go and have a read. What a bunch of f**kin sooks. Saints are crap - Soward's kicking game saved them - Saints proved they can't win - we...
  14. boxa777

    Hollywood Undead

    Anyone into this band? Have heard a fair bit off their album Swan Songs and I like what I hear.. Some of the notable songs on the LP
  15. boxa777

    Raw Speed

    This is Devin Hester speed today by Ted Ginn.. 2 Kick off returns for TDs.. Great beating the Jets, almost like beating the Dogs.
  16. boxa777

    TV Schedule 2009-10

    Thought I'd start a thread where we can list what games are shown on TV each week. Seems as last season, OneHd will mirror all the ESPN games. Only one fox game for the first week where there will be six games shown. Week 1 FRIDAY 11/9 ESPN & ONEHD, 10.30am Tennessee Titans v Pittsburgh...
  17. boxa777

    Bulldogs getting all the decisions..

    It was bound to happen sooner or later.. In their attempts to appease the floods of tears down Belmore way the referees have taken it upon themselves to give the doggies every opportunity they can to win football games that they shouldn't.. Tonight Tonga knocks it backwards, gets ruled a knock...
  18. boxa777

    Nrl ceo

    Gday, Anyone having problems with their round 23 in their comps? Ours has an error as following: ADODB.Field error '800a0bcd' Seems our round 23 is in round 24 and we're missing a week. We had a 4 weeks final series organised that was meant to start in round 23. Tried emailling the...
  19. boxa777

    What happened to Kevin Locke?

    Noticed he was ruled out today.. Didn't hear why. Anyone know the reasons as to why he didn't play and how long he is out for? I've checked the NZ herald and there is nothing there. Ropati and Ah Van were shocking in defence. ta.
  20. boxa777

    Sowie n Slip = Choc n Tingha II ?

    I use to love watching Blacklock and Mundine go nuts in the late 90s. Some of the tries they would score would be pearlers and their combination was something to saviour. We've had some lean years since. Sure there was the shimmy shimmy woosh of Le Gaz but his combo with the Express Colin...