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  1. Dragon David

    Madge Maguire Sacked

    Another one bites the dust -
  2. Dragon David

    "Rabs" Warren Retires From NRL Commentary

    So long Rabbits. You have been the voice of rugby league for decades and I myself will miss your dulcet tones and funny remarks and "mistakes". You were the voice that would be heard in so many other sports and there will never be another who will be able to replicate your broadcasting...
  3. Dragon David


    I have decided to create this thread so that people can just refer to things quicker for finding out a lot on the way the NRL operates and salary cap amounts for players and the football department staff salary caps.
  4. Dragon David

    Round 10 versus the Titans

    Well, round 10 is our match against the Titans being played Suncorp Stadium on Saturday 14 May 2022 as part of the Magic Round. I sure wish that I had a magic wand to grant us a big win against the Titans. It will be tough and even without Fifita playing, they will be hard to beat. If we put...
  5. Dragon David

    Our Premiership Winning Dream

    We all wish for winning a premiership which is a given and is the reason why we have competition to see who gets to hold the shield aloft. There is also the benefits of the players getting paid good money with some players getting much more than others. TV and Media coverage of games allows a...
  6. Dragon David

    Daniel Alvaro Released

    Daniel Alvaro has been released by the Dragons to play in the Super League. That will give us a bit of coin for future use...
  7. Dragon David

    NRL Games

    Just watching these other games - The Eels beat the Storm in golden point, the Knights giving it to the Panthers (although beaten), and currently the Titans beating the Raiders. We have played the Panthers and just lost, the other clubs are very good so will be interesting to see how we will go...
  8. Dragon David

    Dragons in 2021 Grand Final

    The Catalans Dragons are the first French side to ever qualify for the Super League grand final. Good effort by the Dragons with Jimmy Maloney in yet another one. They play either Leeds or St Helens (match to be played Saturday) in a week's time. It could be a Saints v Dragons grand final.
  9. Dragon David

    Summer Competition

    Phil Gould has put to both Abdo and V'landys a suggestion to have about 10 weeks of games set up over the November, December, January period for a combined Jersey Flegg - NSW Cup competition to enable many players who have not been able to play much or any football because of the pandemic. This...
  10. Dragon David

    Should Australia Play In World Cup

    V'Landys has KO'ed Australia from going to the world cup. There would be many players wanting to play but V'landy's said it is a Covid thing and players welfare/health should come first. It is probably more that there isn't much money to be made, if any at all. The Pommies are not happy and so...
  11. Dragon David

    Dragons Final 8 Games 2021

    Somebody on Foxsports has written that the Dragons will lose the remaining 8 games of 2021 and stay on 18 points and finishing 11th. The report is headed - Top-eight shock set for stunning fall as NRL finals race heats up: The Run Home PREDICTED LADDER AFTER ROUND 25 1 Storm (46 points) 2...
  12. Dragon David

    Round 18 vs Sea Eagles

    Manly can't get carried away with their massive win over a depleted/weakened Bulldogs team in Round 16. The Bulldogs would have been beaten with a full strength team in any case but to win 66 - 0 against the weakened side will mean nothing before they play the Raiders and then us in Round 18...
  13. Dragon David

    O/T: Vehicle Write Off

    Hi Guys Would like anyones opinion/help please as follows:- I am just wondering if there is anyone on this Forum who can advise what I can do to not have my run-about car written off. My situation is that my car, which was driven by my son who has a full and unblemished licence was involved...
  14. Dragon David

    Penrith Can Play

    The Panthers are the team to beat this year. They are conditioned to play hard and fast. Lots of leg speed and determination in their execution in attack and defence. Not too many injuries this year as compared to previous years so the team has basically been the same every week. They are...
  15. Dragon David

    O/T: Peter V'Landys Laws

    Seems to me that this guy is all gung ho ever since he was appointed Commissioner of the ARL. He certainly has done and achieved more than the previous Peter. - New Game Rules - Getting the games played in Queensland - Getting SBW to the Roosters - Etc. I think that he has done quite well...
  16. Dragon David

    NRL Salary Cap/Third Party Agreements - NRL Football Operations Website (Integrity) I have searched this Forum to see if there was a separate thread which Forum members can post their comments on in relation to salary cap/third party agreements and other NRL issues. I couldn't find anything specifically that had this heading, although there are...
  17. Dragon David

    Round 7 v Roosters

    Roosters were too good in the second half against the Eels tonight. They will be very hard to score against and defend against next week. They are the team to beat in 2020 and looking good to win three grand finals in a row. There is a disparity between them and us in every position. You...
  18. Dragon David

    Win or Lose Conundrum

    When I think of the Dragons, it breaks my heart when I wish for us to win every game from now on as it is something that all of us wants to see - us winning games. The problem is that as we have said in many other threads, winning could lead to the Board extending Mary's contract and this is...
  19. Dragon David

    Who will be the next NRL CEO?

    Well guys with Todd baby now gone, who will be the eventual replacement? Peter V'Landys' has announced that Andrew Abdo, the current NRL Chief Commercial Officer as the interim CEO. He is reported to have a great business and strong accounting background and is thought of highly by V'Landys...
  20. Dragon David

    O/T: Economic Recovery After COVID-19

    I know that this is mainly a rugby league forum but I thought I'd start a thread on the world's economy and how it will recover after the coronavirus is extinguished or controlled by vaccine. It will be a critical worldwide topic as it affects all human life on this planet. I must point out...