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    QLD Country bank Stadium

    Watched a game there last year. We were around 226 on the stadium map. Was a really good spot although the match got played in the arvo because of the V8's so we were looking into the sun-no worries for this game you are talking about. Good access downstairs to bar & loo. We plan on being up...
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    Brandon Morkos - young star, bright future

    Hope they know they are wanted by the Dragons. Saw an article that showed which clubs the players were linked to. Morkos & Couchman were listed as none-image too large to upload...
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    James Graham

    Article in the Herald today NRL player joins medicinal cannabis company By Lucy Battersby In its efforts to commercialise cannabis as a treatment for concussion and traumatic brain injury, medicinal cannabis company Impression Healthcare has appointed former rugby league player James Graham to...
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    Round 25 vs Titans

    Planned a weekend up there 6 months ago. Now thinking that watching on tv in the apartment or at a pub might be a better idea. Any suggestions for pubs around Coolongatta?
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    Vale Max Ninness

    A nice tribute to Max has been printed in the Wauchope Gazette (Alan, the brother of max lives in Wauchope) Vale Max Ninness, one of Wauchope’s men of mark | Wauchope Gazette
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    I am enjoying the success. Will everyone think it is such a great idea when we get the inevitable injuries & start to struggle
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    Josh Dugan Told To Shop Himself Around - Not happy with the Dragons.

    Not prone to jumping to conclusions about Dufty?
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    Bruce Gordon take-over still on .

    Unfortunately you are talking a long time ago
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    Hastings - redv is a part of me

    No other club has signed him either
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    Ben Hornby - The Tony Trudgett of Halfbacks

    Yep I remember that too but I don't think the OP can claim the Mitch Brennan achievements
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    Ben Hornby - The Tony Trudgett of Halfbacks

    I guess it is interesting that I still remember Tony's name after all these years. I am not sure I will remember the name "mickeylane" in 30 odd years. I guess it comes down to 1 being a premiership player & the other a nobody
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    Pick up the phone Doust

    Doust is on skype
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    What about Rein at 5/8??

    I've only read as far as your number 1. From what I have read Cummins is out for the year with a foot operation. Why do guys post this shit, makes the forum look like it is full of part time fans
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    Steve edge

    Saw the interview last night. He was on short notice & tended to be a bit disorganised- I believe he mentioned Steve Price 1 stage but no one reacted
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    Rumours thread

    Forget Saffy, bulging disc in neck & out at least the rest of this year
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    Raiders game talk

    Not blaming the refs at all. The dragons didn't do enough to close out the game. What I don't like is refs picking and choosing when they will make decisions- I think you will see similar things happen on Wed night-they keep happening unfortunately & some teams seem to get a better run than others.
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    Raiders game talk

    QUOTE=saint06;8474040;36691]35/40 Completion rate 55% Possession 5-1 Penalty Count 300+ extra metres gained 5 or 6 Forced Drop outs 19/20 first half completion rate 60% first half possesion How were we ever meant to win that game? Best game they played all year. Maybe the Raiders deserved...
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    Tallis comments

    I have followed Saints for over 50 years. I reckon we are 17 seasons down the track & its time for everyone to move on
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    Tallis comments

    I am no fan of Tallis & remember well how he treated Saints when he left. In his defence, at least this year he has improved a bit, he is prepared to speak his mind (not real smart)& not scripted. Gordon has had more to do with top class football/footballers than most of us so some of it should...
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    Sika Manu

    Since when has Manu been a marquee player?