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  1. toomuchsoup

    Well, that was 2020

    They were enthusiastic and tried their guts out tonight, which they hadn’t done in a while. An intercept and some f**ky calls really changed the momentum. I really thought we were a chance for a while. Their focus for the off season HAS to be defence
  2. toomuchsoup

    2018 Top 8

    Who do you see sneaking into the the 8 and who falls away. I’d honestly be surprised if it changes from who’s there at the moment Possibly Sharks or Broncs to slip away and Raiders or Tigers moving in, but I don’t see it happening
  3. toomuchsoup

    Washy Washy

    Prior 3 Gal 2 Seggy 1
  4. toomuchsoup

    2018 Jerseys

    What The f**k
  5. toomuchsoup

    2017 Draw

    When's it out? --------------- Mod edit: draw released 24 Nov. Click for draw -->
  6. toomuchsoup

    2017 Jersey

    Any inside scoops? Hoping it'll be the exact same as this years, but they always seem to make some minor adjustments. I didn't like the slight change from the 2015 to 2016 jersey, but now I look at the 2015 and it looks too plain without the extra thin black lines. In saying that, adding...
  7. toomuchsoup

    Where to watch

    Anyone know a good place in the inner west of city to watch the game? Most of my mates aren't Sharks members so can't go to the leagues club or the locker room or whatever they've got going on
  8. toomuchsoup

    2017 Final Table End Round 26

    These lists are completely pointless and it's basically just a guessing game, but fun none the less.
  9. toomuchsoup

    Gold Coast Bears

    How do Titans fans feel about this? Pretty rough to be going through ANOTHER re-brand, but maybe THIS will be the one aye? Up the mighty bears. haha
  10. toomuchsoup

    Round 1 2016 vs NQ Cowboys

    predictions? will be such a great start to the season if we get the win. UP UP!
  11. toomuchsoup

    New/Old Logo

    does anyone else hate the modern logo? I can't be the only one. it's really american and tasteless I think a slighty modernised version of the classic would be way better
  12. toomuchsoup

    Classic Pics

    Thought I'd start a thread for good classic interesting pics of the sharks Here's one of Tawera Nikau Shoulder pad/mullet combo is next level
  13. toomuchsoup

    New Team Colours

    Just wondering what people think the new colours would be for expansion teams if it ever does happen Surely the wont have another team with predominately blue here's a few colour ways i think would work
  14. toomuchsoup

    If We HAD To Re-Locate

    Say the worst possible thing happened and Cronulla had to re-locate, where would we go? Perth Sharks? Adelaide Sharks? Wellington Sharks? Ugh! it hurts to think about it I just read a few articles saying that if a Sydney team had to move, the Tigers would be first to go, with the Sharks being...
  15. toomuchsoup

    Expansion won't happen anytime soon

    Seeing as expansion seems to be off the cards for the foreseeable future, the only way to spread the game with out adding more teams would be: Move the Tigers to Perth (West Coast Tigers/Western Tigers) & Change the Titans to the Gold Coast Bears both would be bold moves. imo the bears need to...
  16. toomuchsoup

    Willie Mason

    rugbyleagueweek dot com dot au/masons-catalans-deal-off/ I reckon we should try and snatch him up for cheap