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  1. RedVDave

    2022 Squad: Gains, Losses & Re-signings.

    So far: Gains: Francis Molo (NQ 3 years) Losses: Cameron McInnes (Sharks) Re-signed: Cody Ramsey (2 Years) OFF CONTRACT 2021 Eddie Blacker, Billy Brittain, Jack de Belin, Matthew Dufty, Kaide Ellis, Tyrell Fuimaono, Hayden Lomax, Trent Merrin, Corey Norman, Jordan Pereira, Brayden Wiliame
  2. RedVDave

    New year:

    New team. New players. New coaching staff. Same old sh!t!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. RedVDave

    How many?

    Hello league unlimiteder's I was just curious about. -How many episodes do you give a new TV series before you deem it unwatchable? -How long do you get into a movie before you decide it's not worth sitting through? -How many pages do you get into a book before you decide it's unreadable? For...
  4. RedVDave

    2020 predictions, thoughts and general discussion:

    Greetings all from Prague, Czech Republic! So I decided to take a year off from life in Sydney in 2020 however I very much plan on keeping up to date with the footy. I thought I would share some of my thoughts and predictions for the 2020 season and would love to everyone else's as well...
  5. RedVDave

    Jeremy Latimore to retire at seasons end:
  6. RedVDave


    Continues to leave his wing. Continues to look shaky under the high ball. Continues to let in soft tries. Continues to make bad defensive reads. Continues to make dumb errors. ...And yet continues to get picked ok sure we trialled some fresh blood but can the coach please concede it's a failed...
  7. RedVDave

    Dragons Lower Grades

    Currently at North Sydney Oval checking out the Jersey Flegg game halftime Saints are up against the Bears 12-4 tries to Wishart & Ramday 2 goals from Gale. Thought this would be a nice thread to keep up (assuming there isn't one already) so we can keep tabs on the other grades.
  8. RedVDave

    Feud erupts over Dragons home ground naming rights

    Controversy erupts over Dragons' home ground naming rights A nasty spat has emerged over the new naming rights sponsor of Kogarah Oval, prompting a motion to be moved at an extraordinary meeting of Georges River Council to terminate the current contract and reopen the tender. Council announced...
  9. RedVDave

    Dragons Draw 2018
  10. RedVDave

    Any Unanswered Questions

    For those of you who are questioning if Saints are the real deal or not in 2017, will be answered in the next 3 rounds as we are playing 3 quality sides in the Roosters, Storm & Sharks. I must say seeing my beloved Saints winning and winning well so far this year has been an absolute joy to...
  11. RedVDave

    Cronulla Sharks found to be $1.5 Million over last years salary cap

    ...and are to be stripped of their premiership. Obviously I'm just being a jerk after all it is...
  12. RedVDave

    Jake Marketo

    Let's all take the time out of our busy lives to wish current great and future legend Jake Marketo a Happy Birthday! Let's embrace him and his great work ethic as sadly he is at least 4 years away from retirement. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Jake "King" Marketo!
  13. RedVDave

    Brock Lesnar

    Just wondering what you hardcore wrestling fans think of Brock Lesnar. For me personally I really don't understand the hype I know he is a draw being a big dude and a legit fighter from UFC. But as far as I am concerned his matches are very boring and predictable only having the suplex and F5 in...
  14. RedVDave

    News For The Offseasons (To Keep Us Busy / Occupied)

    First rumour to get us going for the offseason is that apparently (I know here we go again) lol is that we are chasing Des Hasler HARD because Dosutie knows he is under pressure and he's good mates with Hasler's manager (George Mimis I think it is) and is trying to secure his services for the...
  15. RedVDave

    Lower Grades

    Illawarra Cutters Head Coach Jason Demetriou has named his team for the upcoming Grand Final fixture against the Mt Pritchard Mounties at Pirtek Stadium, Parramatta on Sunday. 1. Adam Quinlan 2. Kurt Mann 3. Taane Milne 4. Levi Dodd 5. Kalifa Faifai Loa 6. Shaun Nona 7. Drew Hutchison 8...
  16. RedVDave

    Info from a Roosters a fan

    Roosters insider recons they will be clipping: -Sam Moa. -Dale Copely. -Daniel Tupou. & Jackson Hastings, who will be headed to the Dragons. Just some information I heard not sure how much merit it has but take it or leave how you will I guess.
  17. RedVDave

    All Hail Our New Saviour!

    St George Illawarra could make a surprise play for Tony Williams. The out-of-favour Bulldog is in the final year of a lucrative deal but has not been able to crack it for a first grade spot in recent weeks. At his best, T-Rex is one of the most destructive forwards in the competition...
  18. RedVDave

    Soward & Seggie

    I would take them both I believe Soward never got a proper send off he rightly deserved and Seggie is one great player who are both potentially available. Doubts over Jamie Soward's future at Penrith have re-surfaced after the former NSW Origin playmaker was dumped from the side to play...
  19. RedVDave

    what is the go?

    This is obviously a loaded question I know as this could be asked about A LOT of things at the moment. But most concerning for me (and us) is ALL of our 2nd half performances this season let's have a quick run down (will also apologise as I am typing from memory and my phone which is a bad...
  20. RedVDave

    Jake Marketo off to the Roosters?

    Before June 30 Anyone else heard this rumour? A national tragedy if true.