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  1. hardbaby

    Your team is awesome

    I'm a dragons supporter but I make every effort to watch your mob play. Why not? It's the 2017 premiers on display.
  2. hardbaby

    2014 - The Year of the Fullback

    Just watched Tedesco and Milford carve the opposition up today. Amazing to watch. Throw in the old timers - Slater, Inglis, Stewart, Hayne. Look at the next generation - Tomkins, Dugan, Barba. Add some promising youngsters - Santo, Quinlan, Naiqama, Watene-Zelezniak, Hiku, Moylan, Coote...
  3. hardbaby

    Fantasy Leagues 2014 - Pre Season

    There looks like being some big changes this year to Dream Team including a name change, total split between salary cap and draft versions and a heavily modified scoring system much harsher on errors, less points for kick metres, better points for running metres, increased points in most...
  4. hardbaby

    Will the Comp be Better in 2014

    I haven't been impressed with the overall quality of footy in the last few seasons. Every year it looks like the teams are getting better so you would expect the quality of the footy to improve but it hasn't. Hats off to the Roosters for the style with which they played. The Rabbits did some...
  5. hardbaby

    The Fringe Minority - Get Rid of Them

    Time to crack the whip fellas. I went to school with Dave Mac. An absolute champion of a bloke, as was his father. And Todd Greenberg is the best there is. I admire the way your club has worked to push out the fringe minority that exists in Canterbury. And it exists in all clubs. I went to the...
  6. hardbaby

    Great Crowd

    When you live in Arnhem Land, watching the game and they scan across that amazing sea of red and's awesome.
  7. hardbaby

    England - Who Would You Sign?

    I just had a thought (I know it's rare). When discussing the player market everybody is focusing on Australian/Kiwi players. There is for example a domino effect in half backs. Bellamy determines where Cronk plays. If Cowboys keep Scott, Thurston would probably go to the Panthers etc etc. But...
  8. hardbaby

    2013 - Three Tiered Comp?

    The more I look at it, the more I see three tiers next year Top Tier (Positions 1 - 6) Dogs Storm Cowboys Rabbits Sharks Eagles Second Tier (Positions 7 - 12) Dragons Raiders Broncos Knights Warriors Roosters Third Tier (Positions 13 - 16) Panthers Titans Tigers Eels...
  9. hardbaby

    Robert Lui - Starting Half in 2013

    Hi guys. Just doing some early form and I think your boys will win the premiership. But I am wondering about hooker and halfback. Will Lui be the starting half next year or will you start with Morgan and Lui will have to win his way in? Also, you have lots of talented hookers but no stand out...
  10. hardbaby

    Interesting Stat for Next Year

    Melbourne errors - 13th Bulldogs errors - 15th Rabbits - errors 8th Cowboys - errors - 14th Yep, out of the top 4 teams last year, three of them came in the bottom 4 in terms of errors and one only just finished in the top half. Just goes to show that it's hard to grind out wins Bennett-style...
  11. hardbaby

    5 Reasons why we will be better in 2013

    Ok I admit, it does take a leap in faith (and BBC and Possum can go and get farked) but: 1) In the modern game you need a ball playing fullback. No coincidence that Barba and Slater played in the GF, having knocked out Inglis and Bowen. Our options at the back were shite this year (although I...
  12. hardbaby

    Fien in 2013

    Really glad Fien is here. His ability to cover half, five eight and hooker makes him a vital component. But I am worried. The Dragons are re-building. The focus is firmly on 2014. But for "organic growth" to actually work, you need to provide opportunity to grow. We have a number of gun young...
  13. hardbaby

    Steve Price for coach??

    We are terrible. Have no doubt about it, on current form we are the worst team in the comp. There is obviously a problem. I felt sorry for Price at the start of the season. I thought he was on a hiding to nothing. Taking over from the master coach and with a playing roster that wasn't quite...
  14. hardbaby

    Doust, Price, Recruitment Theory

    Like many supporters I am pretty disillusioned by many elements of this season. My main concerns centre around the management, coaching and recruitment strategies. And I have a theory. It seems like the Dragons are under the salary cap but don't really have money to splash around. Now we know...
  15. hardbaby

    Brett Morris paying $101 for MOM

    I think State of Origin will be a forward-dominated game but when a proven match winner is paying $101, you need to take it. I'm also having a saver on Paul Gallen @ $8. Sportsbet...tempting?
  16. hardbaby

    Season Over?

    At the start of the year I looked at our team and analysed the opposition and thought we would finish 7th. From there anything is possible but in my heart, I knew we were a "lesser" team. But as a Dragons supporter it is almost a god given right to cheer the boys on in September and I know that...
  17. hardbaby

    Big Boppers - Price's Conundrum

    Just when you think the best 17 can't get any more difficult we get a performance like that. Injuries force Price's hand, he goes with 5 props, and they carve up. Bennett did it a handful of times (and always against the Eagles, a team we always beat). While I don't have the stats in front of...
  18. hardbaby

    The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

    The Good: * We are leading the comp * Really pleased with the front row rotation * De Belin had an excellent match * Morris looked really sharp * Lots more second phase play The Bad: * Fien - leaves his best performances for internationals * Scott - he is a forward now * Stanley - he's a juicy...
  19. hardbaby

    Prior Conviction

    I think Prior will have a completely sick year. Yes I have stuck my red and white neck out there. Prior will play up to his potential this year. I think the Dragons forward pack is going to raise the bar this year and dominate. Prior will be a big part of it. Okay, hit me boys. I can take it...
  20. hardbaby

    Marquee Signings

    I've been following the commentary re marquee signings. It would appear that the Dragons will have enough money to make major plays at a couple of targets. And that got me thinking. How many "guns" have we actually signed in the last decade or so? Boyd was good but he had only played a handful...