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    Eddie Blacker on loan

    SMH quote from today. Dragons coach Paul McGregor has given the green light for young gun Eddie Blacker to head to the Warriors on a loan deal to boost their injury-ridden roster. I would have loaned them Graham or Lafai or Aitken or Dufty? Prob not one of our promising juniors. Just have to...
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    Pure genius

    Dufty, named on the bench in a must win game?.! Genius ! No one else would have thought of that. Master stroke by McGregor. When we're down by twenty five points and six minutes to go,,,,, bring him on!! ... their forwards will be tired (prob from running in tries) and he can run amuck. Yeah...
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    The back button

    Sorry to interrupt the discussions threads but I'm having trouble with my back button / arrow (on the Front Row Forums etc webpage). It wont take me back (one page), so I have to keep logging out of the site and going back in to continue reading. Just wondering if anybody else is having the...
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    Christian Welch

    Storm forward apparently available? '(for JDB) .... as a replacement ? I know you cant replace JDB, but as a good additional forward. He's young and mobile and on the edge of Origin selection. Thoughts?
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    Kurt Mann linked to Newcastle

    Newcastle Herald reports this weekend. The St George Illawarra utility Kurt Mann (and Michael Jennings) are the latest played linked to Newcastle for 2019. Played his juniors in Newcastle. OK by me. He is a good, handy player,, but not a great player.
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    The last game

    I am staggered that here is talk of playing Benji Marshal in the last game of the season to give him a "proper" send off / farewell, etc. To me every NRL game is important, really important. Every game played, be it the first, last, or in the middle should be played with the utmost endeavor...
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    Made my day. Just read that Gordon Tallis (who we all remember sat out a year of football in order to leave the Dragons) voted against Wayne Bennett coaching the Cowboys when he was on the board there, (at the Cowboys). I didn't know that. So,,, Wayne comes to Saints and the rest is...
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    Well... the wait's over

    Just wanted to say... ! Come on you MIGHTY Dragons. Give it to those storm fraudsters. !!! Yee Haaaaaaaaaaa.
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    Hope someone at saints is reading the paper today! Rugby World Cup final: Israel Folau 'doesn't know' if he'll be a Wallaby for 2019 World Cup Reckon he would look sensational in a big red V.
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    Recruitment strategies

    Quote from the SMH today. Melbourne have secured the services of outstanding Australian Schoolboys half-back Scott Drinkwater with the hope he will take over play making duties from Cooper Cronk. Why arent we recruiting youngsters like this?? The bloody Storm do it brilliantly. Very...
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    Crystal Clear

    The Benji decision was wrong and he has to go. IMO right now. Pay him out and move on. OK, at the time we didn't have many other options with who was available etc, etc, but time has shown that the club would have been better served grading a younger player who had potential. I know, I...
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    They STILL dont get it.

    To farwell a club great - a man that Wayne Bennett said was the most couragous footballer he has ever coached, who scored a try in the first grand final win in thirty years, who held up the club badge when he crossed the line and gave us all a moment we will remember forever and cried in his...