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    League banned from pitch in New Caledonia

    From the SMH: With the Rugby World Cup coming up, you've got to expect a bit of niggle between the codes. But in the tropical idyll of New Caledonia? "There is only one rugby union team in New Caledonia and they book the ground out so we can't play on it - even though they have no one to...
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    Leeds unveil new kit

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    Steve Hislop dies in helicopter crash

    Condolences to his family and friends. Steve Hislop was a great biking talent and a legend of the Isle Of Man TT.
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    Eels set to sign Thorman

    From the Indie: Full article at: This is great news for a lad born and raised on Tyneside, outside the traditional Rugby League area of GB. The first Geordie to play first class Rugby League.
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    SMH Rugby Union article What would the implications be for both codes if both Rugby League players and coaches were released for Rugby Union Internationals? I know it's all hypothetical, but who would have most to gain?
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    Walker and Bailey JAILED!

    From THREE Rugby League stars, including Great Britain squad members Chev Walker and Ryan Bailey, have been jailed today. Leeds Rhinos stars Ryan Bailey and Chev Walker have been given custodial sentences along with Rochdale Hornets' Paul Owen after being found guilty of...
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    Tri-Series - good or bad decision?

    Well, we've got three consecutive tri-series in GB from 2004-6, plus Australia and NZ set to play each other twice Down Under. As much as I hate to see the end of Ashes Tests, at least for the near future, this format probably gives GB and NZ a better chance at beating the Aussies, something...
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    SMH article concerning Raper

    Are there legs in this story?
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    Irish Origin Match

    From sponsor Ireland's Origin IRELAND'S Origin match takes place this Saturday in Belfast, with sponsoring the Northern Ireland team. The North versus South fixture at Malone RFC (5.00pm) marks the culmination of a series of games held in and around...
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    Reds closer to New Stadium

    Salford City Reds' new £35m stadium at Barton will rank alongside Britain's finest sports facilities. The new stadium will be built almost on the site where Manchesters first planned Olympic Stadium was to be built. Reds bosses are gearing up to kick-off the 2005 season at the...
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    UTC become Catalonia?

    According to this weeks League Express, French SL hopefulls UTC could be in for a name change. The name comes from the amalgamation three years ago of two Perpignan teams, XIII Catalan and St Esteve. The current name 'Union Treiziste Catalane' could cause confusion and hardly trips off the...
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    Irish Euro Nations Squad

    IRISH NAME SQUAD Ireland's 28 man squad for the European Nations Cup has been named by coach Daryl Powell and his assistant Andy Kelly. Wigan prop Terry O'Connor has been named as captain. Three players from Ireland's domestic competition will be added later in the year. The Irish face...
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    Is British League in a Timwharp..........?

    From Ray Hadley's Sunday Telegraph column this weekend: ------------ The Sunday Telegraph Edition 9 - MetroSUN 13 JUL 2003, Page 052 Pommy game in a timewarp By RAY HADLEY YOU only need to watch a game of British Super League on television to get an immediate insight into why...
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    SL round 18ish predictions

    Castleford v St Helens - Tigers by 3 - 8,100 Halifax v Bradford - Bulls by 20 - 6,900 Wigan v Wakefield - Wigan by 16 - 8,900 Huddersfield v Leeds - Rhinos by 4 - 5,800 Warrington v London - Wolves by 6 - 6,000 Widnes v Hull - Vikings by 4 - 7,100
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    Nigerians take to Rugby League

    Thanks to Elite Skolar of RLFfans for the following article :- A major wish of former Bradford Bulls star Abi Ekoku would be to see this year's Middlesex 9's used as a springboard to launch a full-blown Nigerian national side. London Nigerians are one of the top draw cards in the...
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    Sky TV offer rejected

    From the Teletext website: The Rugby Football League have turned down BSkyB's reported offer of £53m over five years for television rights. A statement issued by the RFL said: "The decision has been reached after consideration of the interests of the whole sport, including Super League...
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    Emmerdale - advertising the York Nine's

    It just might appear on the telly near you - better late than never. It appeared during a soft porn section in the Woolpack. It's hard I know, but look beyond.
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    Halifax - days are numbered

    Halifax, once a club with a fine tradition, especially during the late 1940's to late 50's period. For far too long, the clubs administration has played on the old tradition, losing touch with modern day trends and despite success in the 1980's, which saw something of a renaissance. All that...
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    Star Trek or Star Wars

    This might belong in the confessions thread. Which do you prefer, Trek or Darth wotshisname. I can't stand the original Star Trek, but must confess to being a bit of a trek anorak - I own a Klingon dictionary; it was forced on me..... and I am somewhat partial to Ketrosel White. :evil...
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    Biggest rivalry in British Rugby League

    Leeds v Bradford is the the clash of giants, Saints v Wigan has more tradition and is still arguably the biggest rivalry. Which is the biggest match-up in British Rugby League?

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