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  1. Tigerm

    So, where are we going to finish in ‘22?

    I’m thinking/hoping top 8, I think Hastings could be our answer. Forwards look OK, though the backs look a bit light, hope Gildart can deliver?
  2. Tigerm


    I am not a big fan of him, but this was on Instagram (talkingweststigers) Year. App. Tries. RM. LB 13. 15. 8. 1736. 10 14. 15. 7. 1898. 9 15. 10. 6. 1575. 7 16. 23. 14. 3033. 16 17. 24...
  3. Tigerm

    Season ‘22

    Trials Friday, 18th February at Leichhardt Oval 6:00pm — Canberra Raiders vs. Sydney Roosters 8:00pm — Wests Tigers vs. Manly Warringah Sea Eagles Friday, 25th February at Central Coast Stadium 6:00pm — Manly Warringah Sea Eagles vs. Canberra Raiders 8:00pm — Sydney Roosters vs. Wests Tigers
  4. Tigerm

    Isaiah Papali’i

    Wests Tigers sign Isaiah Papali’i AuthorWests TigersTimestampThu 18 Nov 2021, 04:00 PM Wests Tigers are pleased to confirm that Dally M Second Rower of the Year Isaiah Papali’i has agreed to join the club from the start of the 2023 NRL season. The 23-year-old Papali’i — who is contracted with...
  5. Tigerm

    Sheens Tim Sheens will reportedly have total power over the Wests Tigers’ football operations after his role with...
  6. Tigerm

    Squad 2022 Slim pickings
  7. Tigerm

    Daine Laurie

    Apparently from GF night, not a great look?
  8. Tigerm

    Season 2022

    The review seems to be taking some time?
  9. Tigerm

    WT’s Pathways
  10. Tigerm

    So how does this get fixed?

    Remembering, everyone is on contract at the moment. We have limited choices to make, but choices have to be made? Short term: TBH, I didn't watch the whole game, but our right side defence was just terrible, hopefully Nofa and JTJ never play the same side again and both have a spell in...
  11. Tigerm


  12. Tigerm

    Site issues

    Is anyone else having issues re: getting onto site? It is really slow. Has been happening to me for a while now.
  13. Tigerm


    Normally I don’t like these two’s opinions but they do make some sense. EXCLUSIVE: Andrew Johns and Brad Fittler back Jackson Hastings to shine with Wests Tigers By Chris De Silva League legend Andrew Johns has described Jackson Hastings as a “really good” individual, backing him to be a...
  14. Tigerm

    Edene Gebbie

    Wests Tigers CEO Justin Pascoe says Gebbie will be available for selection after round 10. Tigers chief executive Justin Pascoe told The National yesterday that the 25-year old had undergone knee surgery after he arrived at the club last month. He said the Koiari native’s chances of debuting...
  15. Tigerm

    Joe O

  16. Tigerm

    Is it the coach or the players?

    Another failed season, WTF is happening. It just seems to be same every f**king year, new coaches and players don’t seem to change anything. I know some will say it’s the culture, but the the club has had a stable management for a while now and the rotation of coaches and players don’t seem to...
  17. Tigerm

    Season 2021

    OFF-CONTRACT PLAYERS AT THE END OF 2020 BY POSITION FULLBACK: Brendan Elliot, Albert Hopoate, Nicho Hynes, Caleb Aekins, Charlie Staines, Glenn McGrady, Alex Johnston, Dylan Smith WINGER: Michael Oldfield, Jordan Rapana, Marcelo Montoya, Sione Katoa, Sandor Earl, Isaac Lumelume, Tyronne...
  18. Tigerm

    Who’s a keeper, who’s not.

    Obviously we have to revamp the side and bring in some new players. If nothing changes, then nothing changes. It was said, that some of the current players are just happy to be in first grade, nothing more. Bearing in mind they have to be replaced? For me: Most of the forwards are too young and...
  19. Tigerm


    This has been reported previously. FOX...
  20. Tigerm

    To Nil victories

    17/7/20 - Rnd 10 Vs Broncos - 48 to Nil. I cant remember if/when we had a to Nil victory, they are hard to get. Certainly never expected it against the Bronco's.

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