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  1. Stonecutter

    Nba stream

    Does anybody know a good site to stream nba games?
  2. Stonecutter


    Did anyone else see him go off at the boys last night? It must be frustrating being the only player to put in for a full game. He even tried dancing with the star moves in a desperate bid to get over the line.
  3. Stonecutter

    Losses vs gains

    It does not look good at all folks. Losses: Fergo, K. O'Donnell, Baz (most probable) Gains: .......
  4. Stonecutter

    I want Snowden to leave

    Honestly i really do. I feel so sorry that he has to play with such a useless bunch of f**ks under a f**ken useless coach that will only hinder his career. I can just see it on his face when he packs the scrum. We will miss you Snowey but you're a seriously dumb ass merkin if you want to stay...
  5. Stonecutter

    NSW cup updates?

    I can give updates on my phone if anyone is keen. Although I know barely any of their names. Have to take a team sheet or something. Dug up a team list 1 Jamen McLeod, 2 Tyler Jarden, 3 Trent Grubb, 4 Taulima Tautai, 5 Daniel Phillips, 6 Jason McGrady, 7 Josh Lewis (C), 8 Siosaia...
  6. Stonecutter

    NRL CEO's slam 9
  7. Stonecutter

    Mutliple avatar jersey requests

    To Timmah or anyone else that makes avatar size jersey replicas. I would like to request the following jerseys. If you can make it into a flash avatar as well it would be sweet, if not I can do it so don't worry. This jersey minus sponsors: and this one These ones including all sponsors...
  8. Stonecutter

    Ross update

    Just heard on FSN that Ross has to have further surgery before even contemplating a comeback. I hope he can get back onto the field, but i must say we made the right decision to let him go.
  9. Stonecutter


    Terrible refferee decision changes momentum and perhaps the outcome of a game :roll:.
  10. Stonecutter

    Understrength Boomers beat Argentina!

  11. Stonecutter


    Why isn't Covell in the centres and Wright on the wing in attack? Don't give me this Covell is too slow sh* our own 20 we went wide, Covell caught the ball, drew them in and dished it too Wright who ran 30+ metres. That is all he has to do. I'm sick of Covell being put into to space, run...
  12. Stonecutter

    The forgotten one

    Also Jack Afamasaga would provide great impact and strength off the bench when he returns. EDIT: Sharks website Anyone know how he's progressing?
  13. Stonecutter

    NRL Sharks vs Raiders *spoilers*

    Big news. Mannah and Wright starting. Fergo to the bench and *sigh* Simmons and Pommeroy still in the starting side with Brown to the wing. EDIT: Wright to FB...
  14. Stonecutter

    Toyota Cup Sharks vs Raiders *Spoilers*

    The boys are going great guns. 18 zip winning over the Raiders at nearly a point a minute. Orcher try, Joudo try and Marks try. My god they're playing exciting football, breaking the Raiders apart up the middle through fast plays, player after player backing up, beautiful and not Pommeroy...
  15. Stonecutter

    Simmons FG future??

    I've just been thinking about it abit trying to put my Sticky cap on. Pommeroy is our #1 centre. Ferguson an 18 year old has just overtaken Simmo as number 2. If you think about it, if Bukuya didn't get injured, he'd no-doubt be starting in the centres rnd 1. He's much more NRL ready then...
  16. Stonecutter


    Great win by the boys, Ricky Stuart= GOD!!!!!!! I hope we keep Green, he has the traits of Cameron Smith except not a dickhead. Thankgod we re-signed covell, Ross was awesome. What a team. Crucify me if you must but go the Dragons!!!!
  17. Stonecutter

    Travis Henry in trouble

    Henry tries to stop NFL from using specimen ENGLEWOOD, Colo. (AP) - Denver Broncos running back Travis Henry, the league's leading rusher, is trying to prevent the NFL from suspending him over the results of a drug test, Newsday reported Thursday. Henry was granted a...
  18. Stonecutter

    0-3 for Rams. :(

    We are the definition of underperforming at the moment. Our offense with one of the best quterbacks last year, a 23 year old running bak with 1500 rushing and 800 recieving yards last year as well as 16 td's, two wide recievers with consistency and talent, and a TE that can do things besides...
  19. Stonecutter

    Noddy coaching

    He said in an interview on the footy show that he wants to become a FG when his playing career is over. :shock: Could he be a Ricky Stuart replacement in the future? I sure as hell hope not. 2 more years is bad enough. And what's with Matty Johns and his man love for the bloke? Very...
  20. Stonecutter

    Sharks underachieving says Gallen

    [B],8659,22033345-23214,00.html This is going to be a huge game. :fist:

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