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  1. Spuddicus

    2018 R16 Fri - Roosters 8-9 Storm @ Adelaide

    Refs are keeping you in it.
  2. Spuddicus

    2018 Origin II - NSW 18-14 QLD @ ANZ

    I see Cordner been watching the soccer World cup with that dive
  3. Spuddicus

    2018 R7 Fri - Broncos 20-34 Storm @ Suncorp

    That's the pot calling the kettle black.
  4. Spuddicus

    2018 R4 Good Fri - Sharks 14-4 Storm @ SC Group

    No, it was a textbook choke hold that chambers performed. A few more seconds and the ref would've stop the match.
  5. Spuddicus

    2017 R15 Sat - Storm 23-22* Cowboys @ AAMI

    falling into a defenders arms is not a "Good ol fashioned coat hanger" and Kaufusi willnot miss a week
  6. Spuddicus

    2017 R4 - Wests Tigers 14-22 Storm @ Leichhardt

    damn they just parted like the red sea
  7. Spuddicus

    2016 GF | PREMIERS - Sharks 14-12 Storm @ ANZ

    f**king Refs won that for the drug cheats
  8. Spuddicus

    2016 GF | PREMIERS - Sharks 14-12 Storm @ ANZ

  9. Spuddicus

    2016 R25 - Storm 16-26 Broncos @ AAMI Park

    you could've mentioned that the refs were also involved in the ambush. :p
  10. Spuddicus

    2016 R16 - SUN - Storm 29-20 Wests Tigers @ AAMI

    f**k off, BS on the High Tackle

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