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  1. McLovin

    Gameday vs Raiders

    Us 40 - 14 them
  2. McLovin

    Us vs Bronx gameday thread

    We should trounce them by at least 60 but will most likely end up with a 4 point win/loss. It's the Sharks way. Enjoy the festivities and remember, big brother is always watching
  3. McLovin

    Rumoured / Confirmed Signings

    Any news on signings (rumoured or confirmed) here. I'll start - McLovin confirmed as board supreme grand commander.
  4. McLovin

    Jack Williams sucks

    He needs to go. Offers zero impact and is an embarrassment. Easily the worst forward we've had on contract in the last 20 years. Discuss
  5. McLovin

    Official M.A.F.S. Chat

    A new season of one of the finest shows on Australian television, Married at First Sight, is upon us. The drama, the love triangles, the sheer excitement of it all. Discuss your favourite MAFS moments and anything MAFS related here.
  6. McLovin

    Paul Gallen - the greatest forward of all time

    Hi all. Today, the most feared and respected forward in the history of the game signed on for another year. A record which will most likely never be beaten. 19 years in the modern era game. Incredible. - 300+ games - Origin victories - World cup victories - A premiership - A list of awards and...
  7. McLovin

    Is Valentine Holmes human?

    Fast developing into the finest attacking weapon in the game. 19 tries in 19 games so far this season equaling a long standing Sharks single season try scoring record held by David Peachey. Easily in the top 1 or 2 fullbacks in the comp at the moment and will be for years to come. A monster who...
  8. McLovin

    Nathan Brown - protected species?

    Newcastle Knights coach, Nathan Brown, just racked up another loss. In the 2.5 seasons he has been with the club the only improvement has come off the back of signing Ponga and letting him run the show. 64 odd games coached for 12 wins is quite a deplorable record but he somehow seems to get a...
  9. McLovin

    Aaron Woods - Cronulla Shark

    Origin and International enforcer, Aaron Woods, has agreed to terms with the Sharks. The Sharks now boast arguably one of the finest and most damaging forward packs of the last 25 years. I have on good authority some news that will further change the NRL landscape. With the impending...
  10. McLovin

    Matt Prior

    Finally being recognized as a top tier player. Held the mantle as the best defensive prop since 2015. Discuss
  11. McLovin

    New laptop question

    So my current laptop is busted beyond all repair and I'll be purchasing a new one soon. Silly me didnt backup anything when i had the chance so I have a question for the tech savvy here. Is it possible to straight swap the old hdd into the new laptop? If not, what are the options I have in order...
  12. McLovin

    2016 Sharks Presentation Night

    Presentations and awards about to start. Money's on Jimmy for the Monty Porter medal...
  13. McLovin

    The greatest day in the clubs history

    Premiers... To witness that live was something else. Absolutely fking incredible. I've never seen so many Sharks fans in one place... 70% of the stadium was us. Can't wait to do it again next year!
  14. McLovin

    Grand Final tickets

    As a grand final virgin, can someone explain to me what the deal is with first and second release tickets? I'm a non-ticketed member and understand we're holding tickets until Monday at which point they will be sold to members. Will these be cheaper or am I better off just getting what I can...
  15. McLovin

    Team vs Tits

    NRL TEAM LIST – Round 21 Titans v Sharks
 Monday, August 1
 Cbus Super Stadium
  16. McLovin

    3 2 1 vs Knights

    3 - Barba. 2 tries and about 3 denied. 2 try assists. Was everywhere. Amazing effort 2 - Bird. Scored a double and set up a 2. 1 - Holmes. Double and 250 meters. Great effort
  17. McLovin

    Team vs Knights

    NRL TEAM LIST – Round 20| Sharks v Knights Sunday, July 24 Southern Cross Group Stadium Kick-off – 2.00pm 1. BEN BARBA 2. SOSAIA FEKI 3. JACK BIRD 4. GERARD BEALE 5. VALENTINE HOLMES 6. JAMES MALONEY 7. CHAD TOWNSEND 8. ANDRW FIFITA 9. MICHAEL ENNIS 10. SAM TAGATAESE 11. LUKE LEWIS...
  18. McLovin

    3 2 1 vs Roosters

    3 - Feki. Double.. now top 3 in the NRL for tries scored. 2 - Heighno. Massive effort. Stepped up in Fifi's absense. 1 - Gal. 200 meters
  19. McLovin

    Team vs Roosters

    NRL Team List: Sharks v Roosters Round 19, Monday July 18 Kick off: 7pm, Allianz Stadium, Sydney. 1- Ben Barba 2- Sosaia Feki 3- Jack Bird 4- Gerard Beale 5- Valentine Holmes 6- James Maloney 7- Chad Townsend 8- Andrew Fifita 9- Michael Ennis 10-Sam Tagataese 11- Luke Lewis 12- Wade Graham 13-...
  20. McLovin

    3 2 1 vs Eels

    3 Fifita 2 Gallen 1 Feki All over 200 meters... Feki double. HM to Loots