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    Each clubs most famous supporter

    According to Matty Johns Giggs was the ballboy for the1986 Ashes at Old Trafford between Great Britain and Australia and loved Meninga.
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    Each clubs most famous supporter

    Michael Cheika Rob Whittaker Solid list for the Pride of the League but these two are doubtful
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    Cleary and May didn't know there were border restrictions......

    I thought there would be a discussion of this on here but I can't find it posted elsewhere - I'm incredulous how it has been swept under the carpet?? the NRL has confirmed May and Cleary were the ones who handed out the free GF tickets to their mates who illegally entered Qld but “no action was...
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    News Coronavirus and NRL

    Is that a player? Also heard that the item that was of such great importance that they had to bust the bubble for it was marshmallows :(
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    Opinion Joseph Suaalii is being set up to fail

    he sounds like a poor cnt. Seeing Freddy mentioned here makes me wonder if he has been called out on this forum for his substandard (compared to his normal standard) performances for the majority of his career in big games. IMO Freddy didn't really aim up in Origin or finals for the Roosters...
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    Best and worst biffers

    Les was trying to play the ball and Brad Mackay was giving him a push and shove. Davo had the ball in his right hand and hit him with a short left jab and knocked him out cold. Snoopy Collins was second marker and protested and took a half-step forward and Davo, still holding the ball, hit him...
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    Try replays with music in the background.......

    Part of my childhood
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    Shoulder Pads

    it's weird who no one wears them any more. Even the hi tech light weight ones Same with mouth guards - plenty don't have those either
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    best centre pairing you have ever seen play footy

    Farah and Mortimer were definitely not Entertainers
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    Sam Burgess retires

    Wasn't the penalty because Manly knowingly went over the cap and had multiple back ended contracts?
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    3 hat restaurant to $2 steak....The Ian Baker Funch award

    Kade Snowden. Was he ever 3 hat though?
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    NRL Fights || Modern Day vs Old Days

    It was a pre-season game and Bundy tackled Brad Mackay who got up and gave him a push. Bundy dropped him with a short left jab. Wayne Collins was dummy half and stepped forward to remonstrate and Bundy popped him with another short left jab and gave him jelly legs. bang bang - was ridiculous...

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