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  1. ACTPanthers

    Top 50 players.

    Should just be Yeo 1 through 50 - The man is THAT good
  2. ACTPanthers

    Rumoured & Confirmed Signings - Part 5

    So sorry to hear this - Really hope things pick up for you and the family - Stay strong.
  3. ACTPanthers

    World Cup 2022 discussion

    Poor effort - 2/10 at best (and that's me being generous)
  4. ACTPanthers

    Former Panthers in the NRL

    Yeah fair enough brother I get where you're coming from - I've been on and off with it for decades and can't say anyone I've ever come across has had a bad experience.
  5. ACTPanthers

    Former Panthers in the NRL

    Which he knows... and has alluded to in that quote. Look, personally I'm not a massive fan of recreational drugs apart from weed (which I think is completely fine and much safer than alcohol and others) but unless it's heroine or ice, each to their own (as you said).
  6. ACTPanthers

    Former Panthers in the NRL

    But that's not him making excuses at all... He literally admitted he f**ked up in the story. Taking aim at the media who essentially painted him as some drug lord, which was completely untrue, is absolutely fine.
  7. ACTPanthers

    Former Panthers in the NRL

    What do you mean? There were no excuses in that article from Flash. He admitted he did wrong and then commented on how the media portrayal has hurt him and his family... This is the quoted bit from Flash
  8. ACTPanthers

    World Cup 2022 discussion

    Don't. Feed. The. f**king. Trolls.
  9. ACTPanthers

    World Cup 2022 discussion

    Personally, yeah I do, but I'm not going to have a go at people who may think he hasn't. If you want to debate it, go nuts, but the whole "you're just death riding him" shit just negates any debate
  10. ACTPanthers

    World Cup 2022 discussion

    Cry harder you f**king baby ha ha ha ha
  11. ACTPanthers

    World Cup 2022 discussion

    The bolded is kind or par for the course isn't it?
  12. ACTPanthers

    General Discussion Thread

  13. ACTPanthers

    Rumoured & Confirmed Signings - Part 5

    As always brother, love your work and appreciate your info
  14. ACTPanthers

    What Games Are You Playing?

    My advice brother, get a group of players you know/have played with before, and just play online with them - The dumb f**ks on there are annoying so I only play online with a very select group of people (some actual mates, others I've just met while playing)
  15. ACTPanthers

    Des looking shaky at Manly

    They'll find out pretty quick that it wasn't Des who was the problem...
  16. ACTPanthers

    General Discussion Thread

    Nah, knobs can be useful... he's more like a chocolate teapot, useless.
  17. ACTPanthers

    2022 GF | PREMIERS - Penrith 28-12 Parramatta @ Accor

    Well... someone woke up and decided to be an angry merkin this morning. Grab a coffee, read the news, and just chill out bro
  18. ACTPanthers

    2022-23 off-season incidents

    Did Dark Corner have a stroke...? :confused:
  19. ACTPanthers

    Opinion Penrith

    It's ok brother, happens to all of us at times... ;)

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