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  1. Rhyno


    what a great signing has been the tigers best forward for the last 3 years Him and Taupau will be one of the best frontrow combinations in the comp Huge loss for the tigers
  2. Rhyno

    Hindmarsh named greatest player to never win a grand final
  3. Rhyno

    Tigers finish 9th again

  4. Rhyno

    Legends of league tournament 2019

    Parramatta are the 2019 Champions!!!
  5. Rhyno

    Will there ever be another rugby league game

    The last decent game came out in 2010 on the Wii
  6. Rhyno

    Top 5 second-rowers in nrl era

    1. Nathan Hindmarsh 2. SBW 3. Willie Mason 4. Anthony Watmough 5. Sam Thaiday/ Glenn Morrison
  7. Rhyno

    It’s mail time

    Got strong mail Rapana to the Eels in 2020 maybe before June 30 just like this time last year when l first revealed Paulo and Boyd would be leaving the club
  8. Rhyno

    13 Years

    Season over 2006 feels like a life time ago
  9. Rhyno


    the million dollar injury prone plodder ruled out for the season
  10. Rhyno

    Only 2 more weeks

    that you can ever say that the sharks are the premiers
  11. Rhyno

    how many games will win the knights win this year

    after winning their 2nd game today i reckon they win 5games this season l root for the knights most weeks l tipped raiders but had a feeling knights would beat the raiders so it was the only match l didn't have money on
  12. Rhyno

    George Burgess

    admitted last night on the footy show he threw than punch/elbow knowing he would get suspended and wouldn't have to go to Townsville and miss the birth of his child
  13. Rhyno

    Sowie retires

    Good player I didn't like how he got shafted by Penrith halfway through a 4 year contract Let's see what happens with Cartys 4 year deal one bad game and this fair weather club will turn on you. Me and mez have been giving carty heaps
  14. Rhyno

    This premiership has a * next to it

    after last nights gf I just felt empty I feel bad for shark fans that the year they finally won the comp was only because the best and most dominate team of the year were stripped of their points and robbed of the premiership that is rightfully theirs
  15. Rhyno

    Ps4 no signal

    I can't get a picture on my ps4 it just says no signal I've tried it on different tvs and tried about 4 different hdmi cords but it still won't work. I get a white light saying the ps4 is on but I have to press the button harder to get it to turn on or off. The other day I turned it on and the...
  16. Rhyno


    Is he worth the money?
  17. Rhyno

    Eels game

    Woohoo what a flogging. I wonder what JP is thinking
  18. Rhyno

    Foxtel Play

    I've had this for about 2months but have not been able to watch it the last 3days it keeps crashing and loading blank black page when I try and turn it on or it just freeze when I get to the home page. It's been freezing ever since I got it but only for 30secs-1min at a time I usually just...
  19. Rhyno

    Parramatta Eels Fans Troll Thread

    With no p£nis fingers hunt in the team the broncos will be a tougher side to beat. I predict Eels 34-8 Motm Foran Radradra to become the 1st player to score a hat trick in rd 1 3 years in arow
  20. Rhyno

    Moving house with a dog

    What are you meant to spray on the grass to stop them getting parvo from other dogs?

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