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    Ed Kosi

    Sorry bro - that is the worst game I have seen in the NRL. Mistakes happen but not trying to run back for the Coates try Anyway it’s just footy, not the end if the world
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    Gameday Warriors V Gold Coast

    Big game for the Titans, one of the few clubs who have underperformed as much as the Warriors. A chance to make the finals even with an average to poor season. It would be great to see them in the finals but we need to finish the season with some confidence. But the Warriors have nothing to...
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    Gameday Warriors v Canberra

    Hard to care too much as the game doesn’t mean too much for the season however Sticky the sore loser is someone I love to see lose esp. after the comments he made after he lost against us earlier in the season Warriors team looking strong on paper with Lodge back after a 2 week suspension Go...
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    Gameday - Warriors v Broncos

    Really looking forward to this one but I have a bad feeling about it. Nikorima out of the team for some reason - he had a quiet game against the Bulldogs Betting odds almost even but Warriors on a bit of a roll and the players must be fired up after 3 wins and hope of making the finals. Hope...
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    Gameday - Warriors v Bulldogs

    Really looking forward to this one as we are back in it with a chance to make the finals However I have a bad feeling about this one and have memories of a game against the Bulldogs when we gave Lachlan Lewis so much time and ended up losing Team looks good on paper although halves are...
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    Will Warriors make the top 8

    If we win the last 4 games which are all very winnable we will make the top 8
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    Gameday Sharks v Warriors

    Forwards look big but maybe a big slow esp. with Jazz at hooker. Katoa has looked a little unfit all season, has anyone else noticed when defending on the line how many times when he has been involved in a tackle he hasn’t been able to rejoin the defensive line. Both teams with new and...
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    Gameday Warriors v Tigers

    I have a bad feeling about this one. Sorry, but the team looks very disjointed and the weakest team we have had for a while on paper. Tigers are an average team but we look below average Go Warriors!!
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    Warriors v South’s - gameday

    Go Warriors!! Big effort last week and real bad luck with injuries let’s win one to build momentum for next year Go Warriors!!
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    Warriors v Panthers gameday

    These are the games we have won historically to extend that period of faint hope when the season is all but over anyhow - be good to get a few wins and combinations going so we are building some confidence for next season
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    Gameday - Rd17 Warriors v Sharks

    It’s been cold and wet the last couple of days in Sydney although clearing slightly today. This will be a tough one with Harris and Townsend. Walsh is back and will need to help our halves with kicks and some plays. With Lodge in the team we have a chance to win the forward battle Amazingly...
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    Bring back SJ

    All is forgiven, princess We have a decent roster and need a quality half to make a run in the comp next year
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    Sack Nathan Brown

    He is hopeless, the team lacked direction from the start and seemed clueless at times he is worse than SK
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    Gameday Newcastle v Warriors Rd 15

    Big game again - wet and cold in Newcastle but I have a real good feeling about it with Walsh and AFB in the team together for the 1st time Knights also have a few players back so should be the game if the season for us Go Warriors!!
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    Warriors v Storm - gameday

    Storm have Munster and Grant back, we have AFB and Curran back beautiful day in Sydney and probably Central Coast - let’s hope for an upset Warriors have gone from being the Storms bogey team to their bunnies losing the last 10 but I have a good feeling about this one Go Warriors!!
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    Cowboys v Warriors - Rd 12 Gameday

    Another really big game. We win this and I am happy with the 1st half of the season with Walsh and AFB giving us a great shot in the 2nd half of the season Unfortunately we have lost games like this far too often I really like the team as is currently listed. Katoa and Murchie in the 2nd row...
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    Gameday: Warriors v Tigers rd 11

    A must win game so early in the season. The good news is we will win this with Walsh starting and Warriors with such a stacked roster that we are the only team in the comp with a $1m winger in RTS Lets Go Warriors!!!!
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    Warriors v Parra - gameday rd10

    Parra are a good side and I am not confident but let’s Go Warriors!!
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    Warriors v Manly Rd9 - game day

    Super excited! we have to win this one. where will CHT play - we went so well in the halves last week - will Brown change a winning combo
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    Who will be the 1st coach to get sacked in 2021?

    Cowboys, Bulldogs and Manly have been terrible but my money is on Michael Maguire Hassler won’t be far behind unless he wins a game or two soon and Todd is using up his goodwill very quickly

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