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    Would Hook do that ?

    I wonder if Griffin would have considered playing a train & trial player who has only played 2 Q cup games in 2 yrs as Bellamy did with Tyson Smoothy, who coincidently was ear marked by Bennett to be McCullough's successor when he was in the Bronco's system. I suppose it's better to go with an...
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    It's not a Pass mark Mr Johnston

    Even if we win next week against the wooden spooners it gives us 8 wins out of 25 . Now when I went to school a pass mark was 50%. Do you still give him a pass mark Mr Johnstone??? If so, I wish you were my science teacher !!!!!!!!!!!!
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    This is a serious side.

    The last time I heard Phil Gould describe us as a serious side was in 2010, when our forwards were inflicting fear in the oppositions attack & Gasnier & Coops were unstoppable out wide. I admit my concerns at the start of the year was our lack of speed from 2-5 but you know what? it doesn't...
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    Who was the Mole referring to

    Interesting report by the Mole that a superstar signing with a coke ( not cola) habit was hidden within club & sparks will fly when they discover it. Was the word "sparks" a hint that rhymes with something else????
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    Is This Possible ?

    My wife gave me the mandatory birthday card with all the smoochy stuff, her final message she quoted was " I love you more than you love the Dragons" ??????????
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    Is a ball playing fullback required?

    Just wondering if all the talk of a ball playing fullback is required when we have 2 ball playing halves next year? My man of the match yesterday was Dugan with his Kick returns giving our forwards better field position, something that we definitely lose when Nighty is put back there. Next year...
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    Taylor vs McGregor

    Interesting to see how a team can perform & the commitment they are willing to put in, based on personality & character. It appears this is the first thing you have to have in order with support from your assistants. Meninga himself says he's not much of a coach but he has those around him &...
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    Can't stop reading.

    I'm convinced I'm becoming an old man as I find myself coming home & instead of grabbing a beer & relaxing, I'm tapping into the forum to see whats thoughts are in peoples minds about the "Dire Straights" of the once mighty Dragons. My girl says "dad why are you always on that thing?" I said I'm...
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    O'Brien stops at defensive line

    Obvious why this guy has never played !st grade, ( b4 we signed him) watched him in trials & noticed when he gets the ball along way out from defensive line, instead of him charging into it ala Sammy Burgess, he pulls up when he hits the defensive line. On his 1st touch when he got up a head of...

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