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    3-2-1 v Storm

    Why bother Was that 52-0 in the 2nd half has that happened before - 50 plus in a half
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    Vs Storm ANZAC day Rd 7

    let’s forget the 2nd half beat the Raiders and we are all good
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    Ed Kosi

    That’s what I mean - some terrible mistakes but atleast keep trying I feel so sorry for him
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    Ed Kosi

    Sorry bro - that is the worst game I have seen in the NRL. Mistakes happen but not trying to run back for the Coates try Anyway it’s just footy, not the end if the world
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    Where will we finish competition (2022).

    sorry bro 6th, 4th, 3rd, 1st
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    Tipping Competition 2022. All welcome.

    Manly Raiders Souths Roosters Warriors Storm Eels Cowboys
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    Who should we sign for 2022

    We are so close to a top 4 team, all we need are - a million dollar half to partner Shaun - a million dollar centre for a bit of creativity in the back line - a million dollar hooker for bit more creativity out of dummy half And a Coach so we are basically almost there.
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    Tipping Comp. Finals Week 2.

    Manly Panthers
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    Tipping Comp. Finals week 1.

    Storm Roosters Panthers Eels
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    Sack Nathan Brown

    The team has gone backwards over the last couple of months. They have become worse at the very basics - line speed on defence, gain momentum through the middle before trying the fancy stuff. In the last game the team looked like headless chooks It was embarrassing to watch and just made the...
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    Gameday Warriors V Gold Coast

    Thanks bro - this is embarrassing
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    Gameday Warriors V Gold Coast

    Warriors being sore losers - can’t play the game and can’t control their frustration
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    Gameday Warriors V Gold Coast

    Warriors totally dropping the bundle
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    Gameday Warriors V Gold Coast

    Jazz showing he is still the same - poor discipline
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    Gameday Warriors V Gold Coast

    Brown sees something in him
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    Sack Nathan Brown

    I hear the Walker brothers are available or Toovey
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    Gameday Warriors V Gold Coast

    Not good enough

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