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  1. possm

    Dragon's Best 17

    I know that pre-season training has not begun as yet and that most probably we have not finished our recruitment program. So, I hope that this list of players will change as new recruits come in and as players step up in their effort to make the top 17. So, at this point in time and with the...
  2. possm

    Should Red V Mebers have voting rights?

    Should Red V Members have Voting Rights? For Board Membership For Sale of the Club
  3. possm

    Flanno or Young

    Who do you think will be our next Head Coach, will it be Flanno or Dean Young? I say it should be Flanno but my tip is that it will be Dean Young.
  4. possm

    Payne Haas

    Haas, F Molo, De Belin, and M Molo, what a great prop rotation that would make. Haas wants out of this contract with the Broncos which ends in 2024 and is reported to be worth 800k p/a. So let's sign two forwards for 2023; David Fifita and Payne Haas. What a pack that would be! 8. F Molo 9...
  5. possm

    David Fifita

    Should we try to sign David Fifita as Sims's replacement? I think an edge forward combination of Su'A and Fifita might just be what our pack needs in the attack. With Bird (550k), and Sims (800k), there is more than enough cap to get his signature. If our coaching staff can get the best use...
  6. possm

    Should the Dragons Sign Payne Haas?

    Payn Haas's management are reportedly asking for 1m a season. Given that Sims on 800k and maybe other players such as Jack Bird may be off to another club. Should the Dragons opt to sign Haas. A Su'A / Hass edge forward combo would be just what the Dragons need.
  7. possm

    Treigh Stewart

    Treigh Stewart, an exciting young fullback, is a player I will be following in season 2022. A very skillful and dynamic fullback, this young junior has been selected in reserve grade at fullback this week. I caught glimpses of him last season and have since been interested in his development...
  8. possm

    Your All-time Best Dragons 17

    1. Langlands 2. B Morris 3. R Gasnier 4. Cooper 5. Lumsden 6. Clay 7. B Smith 8. Ryan 9. Walsh 10. C Young 11. Proven 12. Bath 13. Raper 14. Kearney 15. Willson 16. Porter 17. Reddy
  9. possm

    Ash Taylor

    Ash Taylor is on a train and trial deal at the Warriors worth 1,000.00 per week. Although there is the feeling that we are well off for halves in 2022, to me it seems that we are actually light-on for halves; especially if we need to play Ben Hunt at 9. So we have the possibility to play Hunt...
  10. possm

    War Chest for 2022?

    Does anyone on here know the size of our war chest for 2022 and who we are targeting. So far we have signed or rumoured to sign: Suli Mbye Molo Burgess Su'A I would like to see us at the least, sign another first-grade prop and a first-grade second-row forward to replace Sims if he moves on...
  11. possm

    Finucane or Pangai Jr

    It is clear to most Dragons supporters that we need at least one more beast of a prop for season 2022 and it would be a bonus if we had him this season. Right now Pangai Jr from the Broncos and Finucane from the Storm are both available for next season and widely spoken about as available. Do...
  12. possm

    Should Dale Finucane Be a Dragons Target For 2022

    I think it would be great if the Dragons chased Dale Finucane for 2022 and beyond. With a bit of a cleanout being carried out (Norman, Dufty, Pereira, Ellis, and maybe some others), there seems to be enough salary cap to bring him to our club to partner Vaughan in the run-on side. There maybe...
  13. possm

    Moses Mbye

    Apparantly, Moses Mbye is being chased by the Dragons for a mid season deal. I don't think we need this signing mainly because we have Sullivan and Amone waiting for their chance to shine in first grade. However, if they do want him as a utility for next season, then the only way I would go is...
  14. possm

    The Term 'Joint Venture Club'.

    Hearing this term used by comentors is one of my pet hates. We are no longer a joint venture club as their is only one football club involved and that is the St Gorge Rugby League Football Club. Yes like the Broncos, Storm, Dogs Manly and South Sydney, we have investors that have an interest in...
  15. possm


    Should the Dragos sign Ponga as the replacement for Dufty at fullback? Surely this move would solve many problems for the Dragons. The following side would surely be very competitive in 2022.: Run-on side: 1. Ponga - 1m 2. Ramsey 3. Max Feagai 4. Lomax 5. Ravalawa 6. Sullivan 7. Hunt 8...
  16. possm

    Josh Papalii

    Canberra's Josh Papalii, dorpped for the game against Canberra seems to be out of sorts at the Raiders. Maybe it is a good time to approach is manager and get a handle on his future plans. I'd say he is just the type of big forward we are looking for.
  17. possm

    Dragons revival

    How an old-school bonding session fuelled Dragons revival An old-fashioned bonding session organised by St George Illawarra coach Anthony Griffin after a frustrating training session is being credited by Dragons players with helping to spark their winning start to the season. Griffin was unhappy...
  18. possm

    6 Again Rule

    I'm of the opinion that the 6 again rule is causing players too much fatigue and contributing to the high injury toll this season. After giving it some thought, I sugest the rule be adjusted: Instead of restarting hte tackle cout with 6 more tackles, the ref should add two additional tackles to...
  19. possm

    Billy Burns

    Profile: Billy Burns 2nd Row New Signing: Swapped Blacker for Buns. Details TBA Height: 191 cm Date of Birth: 20 November 1998 Weight: 104 kg Birthplace: Parkes, NSW Age: 22 Hailing from Parkes, Burns progressed through the junior development pathways at Panthers. In 2019 he was...
  20. possm

    Round 1 Games

    I really don't like Melbourne but I have to say that they really played well last night. I enjoyed the game between the Storm and Rabbits very much. What I'd give to have their forward pack and such a young top class fullback. In the game against the Dogs, Newcastle went better than I expected...

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