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  1. Big Bloke

    Sharks side if we make the GF

    So, allowing for there being no further injuries and knowing both Katoa and Williams are out for the season, what's our GF side if we do make it to the big dance. Would it be this? Kennedy Tracey Ramien Talakai Mulitalo Moylan Hynes Rudolf Brailey Hunt Nikora Graham Finucane McInnes Wilton...
  2. Big Bloke

    Craig Fitzgibbon - 20 years

    Heard on the BSB this morning that Steve Mace has been quoted as saying the Sharks want Fitz long term - 20 years is the timeframe being thrown up. What is everyone's thoughts on this?
  3. Big Bloke


    Thought I'd put up a separate threat on Blocker as the Dragons match thread was in danger of being hijacked about Blocker, Hadley and Fulton. I don't mind Blocker, I'm a big unit like him and I do find him amusing sometimes. Yes, as a commentator he can be a bit below par but I do enjoy...
  4. Big Bloke

    Will Kennedy gone

    Will Kennedy to have surgery on his ankle, out for 4-5 weeks. Is it Miller time?
  5. Big Bloke

    Nicho v SJ

    After 3 games Nicho is humming along nicely in this team. I saw a comment on another thread that said it was great to see a high profile player actually playing well and proving his worth which got me thinking about Shaun Johnson. When we first signed SJ I remember the euphoria was great and...
  6. Big Bloke

    Question for all you Old Timers

    This is a not a mind bending question but years ago in the 70s and 80s when I first started going to Shark Park, when the first grade game was about to start out would come the referee and then the home team. After a moment or two then the away team would come out to a raft of boos. But now, it...
  7. Big Bloke

    Hypothetical Question for Fitz

    If you were Coach Fitz, would you keep regular contact with Bronson Xerri over the next couple of years? (1) To check on his well being (2) To ensure he was keeping himself fit (3) To perhaps letting him know that all is forgiven once the suspension ends?
  8. Big Bloke

    Sharks Season Predictions

    Below is a list of our remaining games for 2021. Your task is to say whether we will win each game or not. Put your answer next to each game. Then tell me what points we will finish on and if it will be enough to get into the 8. I'll put mine down first: Round 18 v Raiders (W) Round 19 v...
  9. Big Bloke

    NRL Perceived Favouritism

    Just a general question to you all. So many times we read about fans who feel that the NRL are biased against their club - ours included! But surely this can't be possible. But then again, there is a perception that clubs like the Storm, Roosters and Broncos get a nice ride from the NRL and...
  10. Big Bloke

    Could the Panthers raise their bat Friday night?

    Who among us can see the possibility of a 50 point thrashing or more Friday night? I usually rush home after my boy's soccer training but this week I don't think I'll bother.
  11. Big Bloke

    The Perspective Issue

    This season has truly been one of pure shit. Even if we make the 8. At the beginning of the season, how would you have answered the following questions: (1) Did you think we had a top team this year, one to challenge for the title? (2) Did you think that at least we could make the top four...
  12. Big Bloke

    Rating Our Season So Far

    Give me your score out of 10 for these areas of our game so far this season. Love to see your comments also backing up those ratings. 1. Attack 2. Defence 3. Goal Kicking 4. Coaching 5. Ball Control 6. Captaincy 7. Penalties & Set Restarts for 8. Penalties & Set Restarts against 9. Shape 10...
  13. Big Bloke

    Xerri’s 2nd Try V Souths

    Ok, fess up you merkins. Be honest. How many of you have had Xerri’s second try against the Rabbits on constant rewind this week?
  14. Big Bloke

    The Josh Dugan and Josh Morris Pass The Ball Coachin Clinic

    Could we have some volunteers to coach these two merkins on how to pass the ball? Frenzy and Quigs, I think this coaching session is right up your alleys.
  15. Big Bloke

    And the award goes to....

    STAKE REMOVED!!! Well done son. The winner for starting the most threads in the past five days - 6 out of 14 if my calculations are correct. Good on you Stakey!
  16. Big Bloke

    Did We Get The 2-5 Wrong Today?

    big changes to our named backline today. Xerri selected at centre playing on the left wing. Feki normally on the left wing plays on the right wing Dugan, selected on the wing plays at right centre Josh Morris the only one playing in his selected position. For me it should be this way: Feki...
  17. Big Bloke

    OT - Female Referees

    I heard during the week that Kasey Badger and Belinda Sharpe (Sleeman) have been upgraded now to the full time referees squad. What do we think of this, how do you think they’d go being the pocket ref or controlling the game? Can’t be any worse than the dickwits we have at the moment surely.
  18. Big Bloke

    Starting Games On Time

    Interesting article, this has been my gripe for a while too. Storm v Warriors was advertised to start at 7.50pm and didn’t start until 8.14pm. That is not only ridiculous but very poor form by the NRL.
  19. Big Bloke

    merkins from other clubs

    Ok so this is probably another useless thread but I thought it’d be a bit of fun. What you need to do is name one absolute merkin from each team, this is not on playing ability but just as a person or the way they talk or just their overall manner. You know, you haven’t met them before but you...
  20. Big Bloke

    Has the top four gone?

    2 wins from 5, are our dreams of a top four finish gone?

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