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    Week 9

    DeShaun Watson, tore his ACL in practice, gutted for the kid.
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    2017 World Series

    If anyone enjoys baseball please tell me you have been watching this series, absolutely insane
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    PS4 Disk Trouble

    Apologies if there is already a thread on this, had a cd eject mid game, now it won't read disks, the eject button works, but the cds won't insert anymore, Turned PS off, pulled the plugs out, left it off overnight, and still nothing. Anyone have a solution?
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    Marvel round

    Is this happening again this year?
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    two things, 1. Aussie Nick if he learns to control his temper, will be unstoppable for a few years in his mid twenties 2. Sam Stosur was up 2 -0 in the first set and somehow found a way to lose 2-6 0-6
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    Anyone been watching this show? The ratings have gone up each and every episode.
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    Foxtel IQ box/Remote

    Anyone have issues with the box picking up the remote, it takes me about 20 pushes each time to get anything, this is my second remote, new Batteries, it is absolutely infuriating.
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    Harold Matthews

    Watching the Roosters game, This Tex Hoy kid looks like a talent, anyone know much about him.
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    Floyd Mayweather vs Manny Pacquiao (May 2nd,MGM)

    After years of waiting it's finally here.
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    2015 Free Agents

    Note: These lists are not intended to be complete, but they include all key free agents in the league. Arizona Cardinals Antonio Cromartie, CB John Abraham, OLB Dan Williams, DT Rob Housler, TE Sam Acho, OLB Tommy Kelly, DT Jonathan Dwyer, RB Larry Foote, ILB Marcus Benard, OLB Chris Clemons...
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    IND vs Sri Lanka

    Rohit Sharma getting close to 200, beast of an innings, but some putrid bowling from mendis.
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    Just won the best fight of his career, good work to the man, hopefully he retires on a high now.
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    Live Site

    In 2010, Sydney had a live site at Cockle Bay, does anyone know if it's going too happen again this year?
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    EPL Fantasy Football.

    Any interest?
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    Fifa U20 World cup

    Started last night, Australia plays Colombia tomorrow morning. France played pretty well from the little bits ive seen.
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    2013 NFL Season Wish List

    Just for some fun, what would you all like your team to do this off season. Lets also try and be realistic. For Patriots Re Sign Welker 2 years, 18mill Talib 2 years 16mill option for 2 more at 22mill Edelman 3 years 11mill Tag Vollmer then trade or sign to a decent deal Sign...
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    2012 mvp

    Will brady get it or will it go too a defence stud
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    Geale Vs Sturm

    Geale wins VIA Split Decision
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    The Frank Lampard 20 Goal 2012/13 Thread

    It took 5mins for his first of the season from a spot kick
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    Aku Uate 20

    What seemed to be a lost season for aku a month ago, had now turned into a remarkable resurgance in the last 4 games means he still has a chance to get to his 20 tries for the season. So does anyone think he can get there?

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