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  1. 18to87

    Tom Brady retires

    Tom Brady and Gisele Bündchen have finalized their divorce, they announced on Friday, ending the 13-year marriage between two superstars who respectively reached the pinnacles of football and fashion. Brady and Bündchen posted statements on Instagram late on Friday morning, each saying they had...
  2. 18to87

    Rod McGregor - Men of League

    It doesn't have to be all suffering, especially in the early stages. Hence "living with dementia" is typically the language used. There are a couple of pictures of Rod here and this organisation does a great job of supporting their clients:
  3. 18to87

    Presentation Night turn out

    @BLM01 Maybe it is just me, but some games I notice the team plays like they would die for each other and then the next week, they look like they hate each other. The Gold Coast game comes to mind as one where they were playing for each other, then next week vs the Tigers they looked like they...
  4. 18to87

    2022/23 NFL Week 5

    This. He looks wide open in the screenshot but it's already too late. He would have needed to throw it a lot sooner. Some good discussion on Wilson in the Atlantic podcast the day after the game with the hosts saying that they had been seeing Wilson decline gradually for the last three years...
  5. 18to87

    2022/23 NFL Week 4

  6. 18to87

    2022/23 NFL Week 3

    Colts can't score against the Jags one week, beat the Chiefs the next. The NFL everybody.
  7. 18to87

    2022 FW1 EF Sun - Sydney 14-30 South Sydney @ Allianz

    It's the finals. Mark Carroll heads are okay.
  8. 18to87

    2022 FW1 EF Sun - Sydney 14-30 South Sydney @ Allianz

    Don't even care who wins but cheering that try
  9. 18to87

    The Rumours Thread

    You're entitled to your opinion but the Hunt hate is getting way over the top. He has to look out for his family. Everyone here would do the same if in his shoes. You have the board and co upstairs to hate way more than Hunt. If they had a clue, this wouldn't be playing out this way. I'd also...
  10. 18to87

    Sack Griffin

    Saw him up close yesterday, and while he looks athletic, he certainly could use a big offseason in the weight room.
  11. 18to87

    Round 22 vs Rickyless Raiders

    How are you going Euan
  12. 18to87

    Show me the Money, Bruce.

    Heard today that only stadiums that have issues with quick evacuations in the event of an emergency are getting money from state governments. Maybe this is common knowledge but first time I have heard it.
  13. 18to87

    Round 22 vs Rickyless Raiders

    Fair enough. Shame we didn't have one more second on the clock - they probably spread it right, score and win.
  14. 18to87

    Round 22 vs Rickyless Raiders

    Both sides were out on their feet. I was at the game and the condition were pretty horrible for most of thegame. The field would have been tough to play on as well.
  15. 18to87

    Sack Griffin

    I think if your rate the chances of winning a game on a scale of 1-10 with 10 being a sure thing like back in the Bennett days, then Griffin just has us hovering around the 3-6 mark. Whereas with Mary it was all over the place between 1 and 7. So yep, depressing either way.
  16. 18to87

    Round 21 vs. the SCUM

    Mary the sequel
  17. 18to87

    Round 20 v Cowboys

    Well all knew this already, but far out it is depressing seeing it all laid bare.
  18. 18to87

    2022 IDP Masters Dynasty League


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