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  1. Someone2

    Rumours (signings, sackings & other stuff)

    Moses 1.5M Brooks 1M Korisau 800K Papali’i 750K Bateman been offered 700+ klemmer 600k stefano was signed on 500k before he played FG and has gotten and upgrade since than Nofo 525K theres more than half the cap on 8players . or don’t the WOODEN SPOONERS have a salary cap? every year Parra...
  2. Someone2

    The ??? 4

    From April 5th 2017 rumours the little dog might be back to his old tricks and l was right about him all along everyone say it with me F**k Moses Dylbags and Jakey are gonna take Parra to the promise land
  3. Someone2

    Rumours (signings, sackings & other stuff)

    Mitch is just stringing the tigers along so they miss out on Bateman everyone knows Moses is the biggest down hill skier in the comp on the very low chance he goes to the tigers enjoy paying him 1.5mil and being a bottom 4 club for the next 5years
  4. Someone2

    Rumoured Signings

    If he leaves Parra he will go to the Dolphins
  5. Someone2

    Rumours (signings, sackings & other stuff)

    So this means no Bateman
  6. Someone2

    Rumoured Signings

  7. Someone2

    Rumours (signings, sackings & other stuff)

    not a chance in hell Tigers are better of throwing 1Mil at burton than wasting their time chasing a player that they have no chance of signing
  8. Someone2

    2021 RLWC Mens Final - AUS 30-10 SAM @ Old Trafford

    Cleary to choke again Samoa by 4
  9. Someone2

    2021 RLWC Men's Semi Finals

    It will be a NZ vs Samoa final
  10. Someone2

    The Dolphins brand, jersey, merch etc

    The away jersey is the best out of the 3
  11. Someone2

    The Game 2023 NRL draw

    only fair that Parra open the season no team rates better than them
  12. Someone2

    WWE SuperThread II *Spoilers*

    jake Paul made the USO’s look weak asf
  13. Someone2

    World Cup 2022 discussion meant “too light”
  14. Someone2

    World Cup 2022 discussion

    Gotta laugh at the new excuse “ the ball as too heavy for Cleary”
  15. Someone2

    2021 RLWC Men's Quarter Finals

    Aus by 56 Eng by 26 NZ by 44 Tonga by 8
  16. Someone2

    Rumoured Signings

    It’ll be the 3rd contract he has gotten a early release from he should have a get out clause in the contract in case another club offers him more money
  17. Someone2

    World Cup 2022 discussion

    I’ve gained some respect for Mal only bloke who calls it like it is and doesn’t suck up to Cleary he knows the media are gonna be all over him and pushing for him to get sacked since he didn’t select the golden boy at halfback
  18. Someone2

    Rumours (signings, sackings & other stuff)

    Where’s the loyalty to Brooksy? He has stuck solid through the years and now tigers finally get some decent players they are trying to dump him no good signing forwards if you don’t have a half and Hastings and AD ain’t up to it won’t be much improvement with them in halves
  19. Someone2

    Rumoured Signings

    Transfer fee should be included in salary cap
  20. Someone2

    Spring 2022

    I’m on Vow and Declare

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