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  1. Number of the Beath

    As much as I hate to say it...

    Go Souffs!! And not just because I don't like the character of this Penrith side - or their smug coach - but because of Messrs Hornby, Host and Demetriou all of whom were lost to our club due to being thrown under the bus by Mary. It shows us up big time - Hosty is a Renown United junior who...
  2. Number of the Beath

    Are the players voting with their feet?

    With nary a win since Mary's rather premature contract extension, the question in my mind is of whether the form slump is a mute demonstration by a faction in the squad. After all, we've had a recent spate of homesicknesses ie Nene McDonald - who is, love or loathe him - is a better winger than...