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  1. parrawentyfan

    Finals models

    Now that we are through most of the finals series, I'm wondering what people think about the different finals models. We've now had a few years under the current system. Any fond memories of the McIntyre system? I'm really enjoying the current system. I've seen a few different models around...
  2. parrawentyfan

    Melbourne Storm Australasia's Best Sporting Team Melbourne Storm came into existence in 1998 as part of the newly formed National Rugby League competition. The Club was the first ever professional Victorian rugby league club and spent little time stamping their mark, winning their maiden premiership in...
  3. parrawentyfan

    Finals draw

    A thread to discuss the finals fixtures. Possibilities etc... Seven just confirmed two quarter finals next week. Tonga v Lebanon or France (assume Lebanon) in Christchurch NZ v Fiji in Wellington (huge game)
  4. parrawentyfan

    Where should WC profits go?

    What is the plan for using any profit we make from the WC? What do you think it should be used for? A few ideas: Helping the tier 2 / 3 nations? Helping those nations on the fringes, like Serbia etc? Laying groundwork for the US/Canada WC? Getting sport accord recognition sorted? Poaching RU...
  5. parrawentyfan

    Should France and NZ get a chance to host 4N?

    Ok International season and time for an idea on how to help grow the game just a little. We would all love to see a World Cup held fully ouside of Australia and the UK one day. Until that time comes, I think we are missing the chance to allow France and NZ to host the four nations.I think both...
  6. parrawentyfan

    No draws in 2015 / Golden point

    I was having a look through the results this year and noticed there wasn't a single drawn/tied game. I hadn't seen this raised earlier so apologies if it was. Has this ever happened before? Either way, what do people think about the decline of the draw since the introduction of golden point?
  7. parrawentyfan

    Lord Derby Cup Final 2014

    Thought it deserved its own thread. This game took place over the weekend with Toulouse beating Carcassonne to pick up their first cup in a long time. Was over 6000 there and looked like a great day. Will post some links and pics later for those interested.
  8. parrawentyfan

    Auckland 9s coverage

    Given the draw has just been announced... A thread to discuss various media around the tournament. Some questions. Who is the broadcaster in Aust? As it was agreed to hold the tournament after the media deal had been signed off, I'm hoping someone other than 9 might get it? Although, as...
  9. parrawentyfan

    Sydney Shield

    Grand Final is on now on Fox Sports 1. Is it just me, or do Wenty's jerseys look brownish, rather than black up close. Nice to see them in a fairly traditional uniform though. Also good to see Belrose - don't think I've seen them on TV before.
  10. parrawentyfan

    RLIF rankings

    As at June 30, taken from Wikipedia Rank Team Points 1 Australia 1,225.00 2 New Zealand 825.00 3 England 646.00 4 France 258.00 5 Wales 227.00 6 Papua New Guinea 218.00 7 Fiji 105.00 8 Samoa 80.00 9 Ireland 71.00 9 Tonga 71.00 11 Scotland 70.00 12 United States 63.00...
  11. parrawentyfan

    Grand Final Day NSW Cup v QLD Cup idea

    Apparently the QLD Cup Grand Final got over 9000 people the other day. It looked good in suncorp. I have heard that the NSW Cup semis got about 6000 also. Question is. Should the NSW Cup Grand Final be played the week before the NRL GF at somewhere neutral like Leichardt or Parra. This may...
  12. parrawentyfan

    South Qld / Ipswich Jets

    There is a separate forum on expansion, so I'll keep this message short and targeted. IF the South Qld/Ipswich/Western Corridoor expansion bid was to form a link with Newtown, would this be supported by Newtown fans? Eg if the new team: - called themselves the 'Jets' - had a majority...
  13. parrawentyfan

    How a Country NSW NRL side would work

    Been a bit bored today so thought I'd flesh out some ideas on how such a side would work. There are a few reasons why this could work and how it could be a positive. 1. It already has a jersey, fanbase, history etc. Any such NRL team would probably see the death of the City/Country game, with...
  14. parrawentyfan

    South Pacific Games RL9s

    This isn't exactly new information, but I don't think I've seen anything posted on here about the RL9s tournament which was part of the South Pacific Games in Samoa. Fiji took the event out. The website for the tournament is...