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    World Cup on Fox League

    Tv guide has a World Cup preview from 7-8pm on Thursday. Their game coverage should be much better than previous 2. It was annoying to always have ads on Channel 7 after tries in 2013 & 2017.
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    Benji tribute on Fox League

    I just noticed on the EPG that Fox League are showing his full press conference & then highlights of 3 of his memorable games from 7:30 AEDT tonight, replaying that from 10pm & also tomorrow morning from 830. He's one of those rare players you could fill a full day with awesome career...
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    Matty Johns Podcast with Cooper Cronk

    Just wondering how many people have been watching this? The rugby league analysis is outstanding. It’s so different to anything else of this type. Some have tried before, but only did it/ do it for about 5 minutes as part of a panel show or pre-post game show. It doesn’t rely on gimmicks & is...
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    Fox League Top 50 Finals

    They’ve just begun this - 2 tonight, then 4 on Saturday afternoon from 1. At least there’s some footy to watch.
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    Retro Round on Fox League

    Good to see some 90s games on Monday to Friday this week. Something to entertain for those in lockdown. (or record & watch later)
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    Top 50 NRL Games on Fox League

    I'm sure there'll be plenty of surprises & viewers complaining, but these are always good fodder for discussion. There's no wrong or right, just opinions. Checking the guide, looks like 10 a night from 5:30pm EDT Monday March 1.
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    Top 50 Origins on Fox League

    If you need a footy fix. I just saw in the guide - starting tonight, 5:30 - 10:30 (30 minutes per game), not a bad way to prepare for next Wednesday for the next 5 nights.
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    Tommy Raudonikis on League Life

    8:30 tonight on Fox League. They showed a couple of bits on 360 & Big League Wrap last night, said it was recorded on Monday. A definite must watch.
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    Matty Johns Podcast

    It's on Fox League for the first time tonight at 8:30. If it's like the on-line one from last week, it'll be good. Some funny stories from over the years & even a brief preview of the upcoming round.
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    Fox League - tribute to Steve Folkes

    Fox League is showing these games from 6:30 -10:30 AEDT tonight as a tribute to Steve Folkes: 1980 GF 1988 GF 1986 SOO Game 3 2004 GF
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    Matt Dufty re-signs until end of 2019
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    Toronto Wolfpack special on Fox League

    It starts January 22 at 7pm AEDT.
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    RIP Kato Ottio
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    1990's games on Fox League this week

    I don't know when they started, but there's a Dragons v Eels game from 1993 on now & looked at the guide to see the rest of the week is all 90's games.
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    Drew Hutchison signs with Leigh

    2 year deal
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    Australian Schooloboys v NZ Under 18's

    Game 2 is live on Fox League this Saturday from 8:30am. As most of you know, Zac Lomax is in the Aussie side & Steve Marsters will be in the NZ Under 18 team. New Zealand 18s squad for Game 2: Upper Central: Hayze Perham; Akarana: Matt Timoko, Tyler Slade, Soane Hufanga; Northland: Paul...
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    Jeremy Latimore returns

    He'll be 31 in December
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    Gideon Gela-Mosby

    Has re-signed with Cowboys until the end of 2019
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    Dragons v Rabbitohs - 1984 semi

    It's on Fox League tomorrow from 12:30 - 1:30pm, definitely one to record.
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    Illawarra v Penrith on Fox League

    Saturday from 12:40, with Bryce Cartwright set to make his return. Illawarra dropped out of the top 8 after their loss to the Warriors & face the Panthers who are 3rd. They are 5 points clear of 10th, so it's probably only 9 teams in the race for spots in the Finals. NB - Holden Cup not being...