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    Season 2023 thread

    Interesting how Webster has come so early and stated certain players are already locked into their positions CNK at fullback Tohu playing at lock Walker will play 14 TMM getting 1st go at standoff Gotta say I do like Tohu playing at 12 or 13 though. He’s definitely not a prop. Looks like we’re...
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    World Cup 2022

    Hopefully next time round cup organisers sort a better system so comp involves more competitive games. England played Samoa twice but no other top 4-5 country. Aus only played Fiji and us. Tonga played Samoa but no other top 4 nation etc etc. And why draw set up we were only ever going to get a...
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    Season 2023 thread

    Wonder if Wayne Smith has been considered as mentor type roll for Warriors coaching staff. Similar to the John Hart/ Cleary combo back in 2010-11 days? I hear he’s recently unemployed😂
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    2023 Season Draw

    I see we’re only playing Panthers, Eels, Bunnies, Rorters and Storm once next year. That’s gotta be a good thing. A tough 1st 10 weeks though
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    Rumor Mill

    1 from 20 was hardly a scoop 😂
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    Rumor Mill

    Rumours are great as like anyone else I want to know the inside word as well but I’m actually quite happy if we fly under the radar re signings and just announce things once locked in. We’ve been burnt many times before. “We’ve got Tino coming”, “We’re gonna be the greatest org since sliced...
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    NRL Finals 2022

    I am liking the fact that our ‘alpha male’ has stayed outa media for last 5-6 weeks tho. Long may it last
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    Jackson Ford

    Looks like a Bailey Sironen 2.0 version. To small to play back row and maybe not skill full enough as a centre. Reports are he pretty quick though
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    Jackson Ford

    New signing. Had a read through some of the old Dragons threads and was rated highly 2019/20 as future captain and SOO player. (Old post snipet below). Then ‘Hook’ took over the team and hasn’t really kicked on. Guessing our new coach has had his fingers in this signing. Hopefully can coach him...
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    Confidence tipping finals round 3.

    Cowboys 7 Panthers 8
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    Tipping Comp. Finals week 2.

    Eels 8 Rabbits 7
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    World Cup 2022

    JWH with a 3-4 week ban. Can’t see him getting picked for Kiwi’s now. Always funny how NZ gets hit with this at international time. Probably looking to rub Joey Tapene and Fisher Harris out as well if they get the chance. Might have to employ Talan May’s “the fans want to see him play” defence. Lol
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    The Annual Boarding of a Bandwagon from the Penrose Station

    I’ll go the Cowboys but think the winner of the Penrith v Rosters semi is gonna be hard to beat
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    How's SJ going?

    And he’s said he wants to continue playing after next season as well. I can see him having a Stella 1st 5-6 weeks and then getting a nice 2 yr extension to his contract before he settles in to mediocrity again
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    Season 2023 thread

    Yeah I don’t know how that works. $750k from us and another $400-$600k from the Rorters???? Highest paid player in the comp
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    Season 2023 thread

    I think Jazz will struggle to make our best 17 next year. Just not quick enough and without the quality ball playing skills required for the current game. I actually think Walker will end up as a 50-60 minute player off the bench and providing cover centre. Metcalf for me is someone who I think...
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    Confidence Tipping. Finals week One.

    Panthers. 8 Storm. 7 Cowboys. 6 Roosters. 5
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    Tipping Comp. Finals week One

    Panthers Storm Cowboys Roosters

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