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  1. Dragonwest

    The Game 2023 Jerseys, Sponsorship, Logos etc

    Can't Saints sort their away jumper out. I'd much rather STGI rotation between the '05 Blood and Bandages from the St George side, with the all red with two white stripe on the arms Illawarra jumper. Both classic jumpers that look great, but all we end up with is a bastardised hybrid every...
  2. Dragonwest

    Peter V'landys - New NRL/ARLC Chairman

    How many dog memberships are included in those numbers ..
  3. Dragonwest

    The Game Future NRL Stadiums part II

    Where do you get 20 billion from? You need 8 rectangular stadium over 40,000: You currently have: 1 Olympic Park 82,500 2 Sydney Football Stadium 40,000 3 Suncorp 52,500 The new Sydney Football Stadium cost 828 million, so let's lift it to 1 billion each for a new stadium. Perth New - 1...
  4. Dragonwest

    Easts Tigers and NRL SA

    SA are not even competing in CAS anymore .... very sad. A lot of work to do and far behind Perth.
  5. Dragonwest

    WA SA NT VIC TAS RL - 20 Years from now

    They grew up and played their junior football in the WA comp?
  6. Dragonwest

    Peter V'landys - New NRL/ARLC Chairman

    How well spoken is the man. Christian Welch should be in the media as much as possible as he comes across as a credit to our game.
  7. Dragonwest

    Rebel league

  8. Dragonwest

    Expansion Through the Second Tier

    NRL h NRL has done plenty of research on this. Surveyed junior players and looked heavily into the "Relative Age Effect". Its part of the reason the NRL: 1) Heavily invested in "Coach the Coach" prior to COVID. Poor coaching methodology, attitude and narrow focus is the main internal driver...
  9. Dragonwest

    Would Perth ever produce talent?

    Ignorant much ....
  10. Dragonwest

    Would Perth ever produce talent?

    Ollie and Luke Callan, both have debuted for the Force in the last 18 months. Both stood out in badly beaten Pirates sides over the last 4/5 years. They took it to much better teams and should be well on their way in a NRL program towards the top grade. Unfortunately no scouts were looking at...
  11. Dragonwest

    Poll: When will the NRL make a definite announcement on team 18?

    That needs design/engineering before a 2 year build minimum .... very tight.
  12. Dragonwest

    Poll: When will the NRL make a definite announcement on team 18?

    The timeline for entry into the competition works. I'd love the announcement to come earlier so the WA State Government and consortium could commit to building the required training facilities before 2025.
  13. Dragonwest

    Poll: When will the NRL make a definite announcement on team 18?

    NRL double header in Perth August 5th .... that would work.
  14. Dragonwest

    West Coast Pirates Bid News Great to have the government support.
  15. Dragonwest

    NRL's growth mindset points to 18th team. And it ain't Perth.

    A center of excellence / training base is more important for Perth at this stage
  16. Dragonwest

    NRL Draft back on the agenda

    The AFL draft is having real issues. Players are increasing asking for releases 1, 2 years after they are drafted to go back to their home state. It is not really helping the poor performing clubs such as Gold Coast, GWS, North Melb etc. I can see their draft falling over in the AFL before...
  17. Dragonwest

    Welcome to the comp, Redcliffe.

    Yuck, his decision making his terrible, one of the worst defensive centers going around ... a sucker for turning his hips in.
  18. Dragonwest

    West Coast Pirates Bid News

    Jayden Evans from NB 17s has just been picked up for Redcliffe The Ryan Woolley deal is a 3 year contract with Canberra.
  19. Dragonwest


    It is critical that this happens soon. Get a guaranteed entry date, even if its 5 years away. Get the government behind it, develop the center of excellence and get the junior reps back up and running. We need out of Medina and into somewhere central.
  20. Dragonwest

    2023-2028 next tv deal discussion

    No choice in Perth, 9 or no RL news

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