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    Dragons Media

    Webb is just another Dragons employee getting paid plenty & delivering not much along with most of the players & coach
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    Red V Podcast

    The clubs podcast will be unbalanced in their favour Red V Podcast for me
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    Francis Molo

    T totally Agree In the real world if we can’t do our work duties we either get sick pay or holiday leave etc These footballers seem to live in a different world
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    The Rumours Thread

    S Sign him up & bring the coach & some players
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    Charity Shield 2023 vs Souths

    Watching now & thought that The red V playing with passion
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    Sack Griffin

    Sack Hook tonight This year is gone so move on now
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    New recruits for 2023

    You ca
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    New recruits for 2023

    That would be a great start but the club is to dumb to do it
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    New recruits for 2023

    Living in the country I find this unbelievable that this crap goes on
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    Red V Podcast

    I get
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    The Rumours Thread

    We can only hope
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    The Rumours Thread

    Good p Good post
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    Yes or No

    I will never give the club membership money while these clowns are destroying our club
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    this mighty club is so stuffed letting Nighty go if true
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    Game v dogs

    Nabuli is not first grade standard & if he stays in will cost us big time again like today
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    Dino-sore why?

    Really , he would still winge at her , she would be all hot air like Dino
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    3 2 1 v Raiders

    3. widdop 2. frizell 1. marshall
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    Jeremy Smith to return ?

    A big yes sign him if not a lot of dollars One of my favourite players from 2010
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    3 2 1 v Rorters

    3. Benji 2. Rein 1. Thompson
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    3 2 1 v Rorters

    Hey Blood Shot eyes I am going to the UK In August I will miss all the end games it will drive me nuts