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  1. eel01s

    The Game Rugby League Rules Ideas and Areas of Inprovement

    Get rid of 7 tackle sets from kicks going dead from within the 20m or even 40m line, or from a knock on when attempting to score. 7 tackle set restart only when the kick is from outside the 20 (or 40).
  2. eel01s

    Rumours and Stuff

    Penisini will not play origin (unless there are major injury issues) as he simply is not fast enough at that level.
  3. eel01s

    GAME THREAD: Eels v Sea Eagles - Round 3 (16th March 2023)

    New defe New defence coach - same issues. I was hoping Antonelli would bring a new structure to the club, but gee we can't win the ruck or defend a simple sweep to the left.
  4. eel01s

    GAME THREAD: Eels v Sea Eagles - Round 3 (16th March 2023)

    And yet we can't defend the same moves done to us!
  5. eel01s

    The shit list and more.

    I have to agree. He has it mentally but his body can't keep up. Avenger I hope Momosea is on this list. F**K me our recruitment has been poor for this season.
  6. eel01s

    GAME THREAD: Eels v Sea Eagles - Round 3 (16th March 2023)

    Can't believe Reg's try was called forward. Cost us the game. That and our shit defence.
  7. eel01s

    Rumours and Stuff

    100% spot on
  8. eel01s

    Blake and Simonsson - synchronised sinners

    I still can't believe we signed Simonson for three years. Other than Gutho and Sivo, our back five is clearly substandard compared to most other teams. What is worse is our depth. Yes we have injuries but we have no decent wingers or centres that can give us some go forward and start our...
  9. eel01s

    Rumours and Stuff

    Recruitment is an issue though. Ogden was brought into the club, yet has never really pressed for nrl selection. He is top 30 like Rodwell , Maka and Greig. Boy that is slim pickings isn't it. I like Rodwell but he has never really gotten a go. I think Greig is the only one who can provide an...
  10. eel01s

    Rumours and Stuff

    I wonder why we signed Momosea? Does anyone see anything other than a reserve grader?
  11. eel01s

    2023 Round 1 V Storm: Player Votes

    3. Hopgood 2. Hodgson 1. Paulo
  12. eel01s

    It’s game day ffs!

    Did Blake re-injure his arm? He was carrying it late in the game but stayed on.
  13. eel01s

    It’s game day ffs!

    Notice the difference in tackling styles between the two sides. Storm always put the player on their back, we do it rarely. I did notice an improvement in the way we used the sideline in defence. Our wingers were able to prevent major overlaps which is a good sign.
  14. eel01s

    It’s game day ffs!

    I thought we would wrap that game up at the end of regular time, but some poor errors cost us. In golden point our inability to properly set up a field goal cost us again. I was happy with Hodgson, Doorey and Hopgood. Thought Cartwright played well. Lumelume was good until that knock on, then...
  15. eel01s

    Team List Tuesday - Rnd 1 vs Storm

    Gutho Sivo Penisini Blake Russell Brown Moses RCG Hodgson Paulo Doorey Momosea Hopgood Arthur Brown/Greig Murchie Makatoa
  16. eel01s

    OT: Current Affairs and Politics

    What an excellent post!
  17. eel01s

    Team list Tuesday - trial vs Knights - 5.55pm Friday 17th Feb

    Agree. I saw him let in two soft tries against the Panthers last year at Commbank.
  18. eel01s

    Squad succession

    Excellent news!
  19. eel01s

    Rumours and Stuff

    TPA's are amazing aren't they? Some sponsor pays all this money for a particular player, but they can't use him in club gear. As said above, a low return for the sponsor. They are supposed to be for the player, independent of any club. Yet some clubs can offer a deal with TPA's, and we seemingly...
  20. eel01s

    OT: Current Affairs and Politics

    You seriously believe that all she did was choose a shit boyfriend? Did you even hear the phone taps played in the media? The blatant pork barreling ?

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