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  1. J

    PNG's back.

    Having Digicel Cup on a level with QLD & NSW Cups one day would be great to see, Ideally with an ‘NZ Cup’ as well and some kind of playoff involving all 4 comps. Obviously a long term goal.
  2. J


    “.. the home of the Bears North Sydney Oval..” JFC these guys have no tact.
  3. J

    18th club, whose next?

    Fox article goes full 1970s logic mentioning travel cost as a negative for Perth in the same article they’re talking up a PNG and 2nd NZ side.
  4. J

    The Game Future NRL Stadiums part II

    Canberra and Auckland, two places that could do with a new stadium. NRL should be all over this.
  5. J

    Busiest expansion news day i can remember..

    If it’s all or most games in PNG as it should be then travel would probably be easier and less time consuming overall being based in Sydney or Brisbane. Especially if they get looked after in the draw. Cairns - 1h25m flight to Port Moresby but travelling every week. No direct flights from...
  6. J

    Busiest expansion news day i can remember..

    Post in thread 'Pacifique X111' Latest update on here.
  7. J

    Toulouse bubble has burst

    First solution off the top of my head would be to make supposedly “Elite” clubs in the supposed “Elite” comp pay for their own trip to Toulouse.
  8. J

    3rd Test: Australia v South Africa @ SCG Jan 4-8, 2023

    Even in years of 5 test series I’d like to see an extra test or 2, even if it’s against Zimbabwe or Ireland in Canberra/Darwin/Townsville/Newcastle. Play some fringe players.
  9. J

    2nd Test: Australia v South Africa @ MCG Dec 26-29, 2022

    Test summer a let down so far for me, I like to see some competition at least. South Africa in real trouble, their top 5 both tests are all ordinary and all 30+ so you can’t even say they are rebuilding. Surely a couple of spots could be found for some upcoming talent instead of aging plodders...
  10. J

    Random International News

    4 games against 2 opponents is “ambitious” now?
  11. J

    2021 RLWC Men's Semi Finals

    England have looked better than the kiwis so it worked out well enough for this game to be the semi. Besides if it was done off ranking or qualification positions there is every chance Australia & NZ weren’t 1&2 at the time of the draw, NZ lost to Fiji & Tonga and missed the semis last World...
  12. J

    2023 Eight Nations

    Personally I think 8 is getting a bit too close to World Cup numbers, 4 is too few now though. I’d like to see it return once or twice a World Cup cycle with 6 teams. Australia, England & NZ permanent. France & PNG auto-qualify as co-host when the tournament is in their region then 2 qualifiers...
  13. J

    ENGLAND 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 could it be ?

    I don’t think I’ve ever been as confident England can win a major tournament in my time watch Internationals. They were ruthless against Fiji, Samoa & PNG who all had sides on paper that would have troubled England in the past. Do I think they will win it? Probably not, but this is their best...
  14. J

    2022/23 South Africa Season

    Good to see things still kicking along in South Africa, with that kind of domestic activity they have a few World Cup teams covered. It’d be good if they could be fit in to the Southern Hemisphere structure somewhere during the World Cup cycle as a reward for their efforts, maybe in a 2nd or...
  15. J

    2029: NZ & Pacific. 2033: USA.

    If we were talking about an NRL team you might have a point but one or two games for a World Cup is entirely doable. Tonga & Samoa used to play a game there each year at the massive Aloha Stadium, Ohana Cup it was called.
  16. J

    2029: NZ & Pacific. 2033: USA.

    Hawaii was mentioned in the article which would make sense for a USA game or 2. PNG & Fiji for their pool games and maybe a quarter final in PNG. Tonga, Samoa and Vanuatu also mentioned but I’m not sure how viable they’d be. One not mentioned that could work is a France game in New Caledonia...
  17. J

    Blowout scores a bore? Or an opportunity?

    I’m going off of someone’s breakdown of the qualifying system elsewhere and assuming they are correct 2 Americas teams qualify from Jamaica, USA, Canada and Brazil/Chile. So essentially if all goes as expected USA will replace Greece. Greece have to beat one of Italy, Scotland, Ireland or Wales...
  18. J

    2029: NZ & Pacific. 2033: USA.

    The target hosts for the next 2 World Cups according to Troy Grant. Whilst a Pacific World Cup is something I’d like to see you’d have to wonder if they could make it profitable. Mentions hosting games in NZ and potentially Fiji, Tonga, Samoa, Vanuatu, Hawaii & Australia. PNG would be a given...
  19. J

    Blowout scores a bore? Or an opportunity?

    2 Americas teams qualify for 2025 so USA have pretty much been gifted a spot along with Jamaica.
  20. J

    Blowout scores a bore? Or an opportunity?

    Yeh I can see what you mean but double ups can happen under the format we have now. If any of the underdogs in the quarters win they’ll probably face a team from their pool again. As it stands Fiji have been rolled by England and Australia so we’ve got a fair idea of how they’ll go against NZ...