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  1. The Quest For Glory

    2013 Heritage Jersey

    Hi all. Can anyone in the know advise if there will be one this year? If so do you have a heads up on what it's based on? Thanks in advance.
  2. The Quest For Glory

    Missing Persons

    Does MITS still lurk around here? Ive sent him a PM but no dice. He advised me in a post he has a copy of the Eels-Bears S/F from 98 he could copy for me but he was away on holidays at the time. Any help appreciated.
  3. The Quest For Glory

    Jersey Repairs

    I have an old CCC 1980's Parra jersey thats practically new but the Hardies lettering is all cracked and falling off. Does anyone know who would be able to repair it? I see on ebay people selling restored jerseys. Any help is appreciated.