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  1. shaggs

    Round 5 - time for a scrub

    1. William - much safer and was very good in the first half. Second half when we had a chance we were too lateral. And he doesn’t work well with lateral. 2. Hiroti - was ok. Not a first grader. Career squad guy. It shows 3. Duges - solidish 4. Ramien - attack wise when he runs early he looks...
  2. shaggs

    Game Day versus Cowboys

    Official thread. None of that other stuff. Game only
  3. shaggs

    Tipping 2021

    I started a tipping comp on the ESPN app for us declared idiots
  4. shaggs

    How many games issue

    How many games has each player in the squad played this year? Is there a an easy link to check this out. Looking for 1 In particular, since fox sports has some dubious names listed for 2021
  5. shaggs

    Strength and Conditioning Issue

    Are we physically weak? Are the better teams, prepared better each and every week? Are our defensive issues a direct result of a lack of power and strength? Do we sit and wait on the line, rather than move up because we aren’t conditioned enough to maintain any sort of intensity? The S&C...
  6. shaggs

    OT - kinda. Sharks squad member at protests Sharks squad member and Stake favourite. Photographed on top of a police car. In any other climate, the kid is sacked without any fanfare...
  7. shaggs

    Ye Olde Washup

    Well, that game sums up the sharks season. Nearly, almost, close. That is the 5th game this year we have lost because of goal kicking. Places us 3rd. There is a lot to like in this team, but gee there is some ordinary. The fading in and out of games. I believe a symptom of theirs team not...
  8. shaggs

    Round 21

    Thursday game had more dropped ball than a hernia clinic, yet the broncos managed to score in the last minute to win. Not ideal result
  9. shaggs

    Detergent is weak soap use to wash up

    Let’s not even use the goal kicking excuse. No team who is a threat to a premiership relies on goal kicking. Normally at this time of the year, I start to mention physical fatigue and overtraining as a reason for missed tackles and lack of urgency and energy. This year nope. The team is weak...
  10. shaggs

    Game Day vs Broncos

    Finally game day after watching the finest quality split round ever. Weather looks ordinary. Hopefully this fog clears and takes the rain with it.
  11. shaggs

    Sunlight edition

    Overall, a better energy level. A better amount of contact. Still a little sideways and didn’t lock it away when it was there to be locked up. Drags were done, 5 minutes after half time. The defence in the first 40, to limit them to a single try from dummy half was exceptional. It did however...
  12. shaggs

    Lavar contra águilas

    Ive said it before and I’ll say it again. Our forwards have no penetration, explosion or mongrel. The physical contact we have prided ourselves on over the past few years has gone missing. The entire team appears flat and disinterested at times. I mentioned a few weeks ago that the team looked...
  13. shaggs

    Stain removal vs roosters.

    We were shit as a whole. Players looked slow and unfit. Disinterested and bored. I’m not sure what they have been doing at training but the skill level for the basics has dropped. Contact and hold In defence was weak. Not once did the defender win the ruck. In attack the forwards...
  14. shaggs

    Home ground

    So I’m at shark park right now for rehearsals of the dance spectacular that will happening at half time of the titans game in round 2. I would say it is almost exactly 14 days until the gates willl be opened for the first home game of the year. Looking around at all the signage, the place...
  15. shaggs

    If Flanno gets sacked

    This isn’t a place for the, “but he won a comp”, “it’s all telegraph bullshit”, “he is a robot coach” comments Simple question. If Flanno gets punted by the NRL, will you be sad, disappointed, angry or happy/ok with seeing him gone? Vote away.
  16. shaggs

    3,2,1 And Clean Up

    3. Chad 2. Fifita 1. Gal or Lewis before going off First half was excellent. Completions and defensive aggression. Maybe should have more points but took the opportunities that were there. Second half not so good. Out enthused and slow in attack. Penrith were off the line in defence and really...
  17. shaggs

    Team vs Panther

    Same as last week except Sorensen in for graham and capewell onto the bench into sorensons spot
  18. shaggs

    Game Day - final round - vs dog

    Happy Father’s Day to the fathers in here. Cold, wet Sydney morning. Final game of the regular season. Do we go all out? Do we rest those who need it? I guess we know at 1pm who made the cut.
  19. shaggs

    Faire la vaisselle vs les lapins

    The first 40 wasn’t great. We were outmuscled and out enthused by a big mobile pack. Here goes the Individual ratings. Lee - 5. Probably not a fullback. He was there or thereabouts with the ball but doesn’t have that presence like Dugan or Holmes. Feki - 3. Kick target, not enough hit ups and...
  20. shaggs

    Water plus soap versus The eels

    1. Holmes - best fullback game so far. The block plays don’t work because we are too lateral. Wasn’t tested under the high ball. Not sure if he was involved in the Gower try, but should have been there if he wasn’t. 2. Feki - finish well. Did the dirty work and did the defnese he was needed to...

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