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    Double movement question.

    Can you be penalised for a double movement even though you are held up on the second attempt?
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    Carl Webb diagnosed with MND
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    New PTB rules/interpretation?

    I was reading about the Wigan/Warrington game on another site and they were talking about how the new Play-the-ball rules seemed to have gone out the window straight away. Can anybody enlighten me as to what they were? Was it that the player must get to both feet first and make contact with...
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    Sam Burgess retires Souths want to pay him $3.6 million to retire and free up their salary cap. Thoughts?
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    Worst rules in Rugby League.

    There are two I’d nominate. Both were evident in the Grand Final. 1. Ball hitting the referee (trainer) results in a scrum to the attacking team. Should be changed so that the tackle is replayed. So as in the example tonight, Roosters play the ball again and it’s still the last tackle...
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    DWZ requests release from Penrith

    BREAKING: Dallin Watene-Zelezniak demands immediate release from Panthers Stirling Coates Editor 15 minutes ago Penrith’s horror 2019 season has gone from bad to worse, with star forward Dallin Watene-Zelezniak today requesting an immediate release from his contract following his shock omission...
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    Tom Gleeson bags AFL

    Sorry if people have already seen this. Nice to see somebody from Sydney on the ABC bagging out their crap game.
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    Beginning of the End for the Salary Cap?

    Would a salary cap free-for-all clean out the NRL's dead wood? Steve Mascord FOLLOW ON TWITTER Show comments One of the so-called "Doomsday Scenarios" regarding the salary cap for 2018 is that there will be none. The NRL headlines this week have surrounded player transfers. Cooper...
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    Changing the points value of Tries, Conversions and Field Goals.

    As part of the off-season tradition of unusual threads, I thought I'd throw this one out there. Should the value of Tries, Conversions and Field Goals be changed to: Tries: 5 points Field Goals: 2 points Conversion: 1 point I don't want the game to become a field goal-a-thon, but...
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    Marque Player allowance voted in for ESL

    Just reading on Twitter that ESL clubs have voted in favour for a marque player allowance. Will this attract players at their peak here in Aus, or just give those past their prime, living off past glories an even bigger retirement package? Thoughts?
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    Rules Question

    What is the ruling if a player - from the kick off - kicks the ball in such a fashion that it bounces within the first 10 metres, then bounces over the opposing players heads and finds touch 11 metres away from the 1/2 way line? Would this be a scrum with a feed to the kicking team?
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    The Table if Draws still happened

    Hi guys. Does anyone know where I can find out what games went to golden point extra time this year? I would like to see how much it would change the current table going into the final round if teams had one point each at the end of 80 minutes, instead of playing golden point. Many thanks.

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