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  1. RK

    Song in the Armani Code Advertisement

    Hi out there Im trying to figure out who sings the song in the new Armani advertisement for their new perfume Armani Code. Here is the link of the ad to refresh your memory. Does anyone know??? I hope someone can help me
  2. RK

    What does......

    CR-V mean when you see it on the back of a Honda???
  3. RK

    Very Funny Guys

    Whoever it was that called me and pretended to be from an American radio station, you didnt get me. You are going to have to try better then that!!!!
  4. RK

    Do you know what annoys me.....

    What pisses me off is, I go out and do something and get ridiculed for it by someone in particular. I go out and do it because its something I want to do and I wanted to change, but then I find out today that that person that ridiculed me has gone and done what I did. I just dont get it...
  5. RK

    Blokey Songs

    What are the names of some songs that are considered blokey????
  6. RK

    RK got it done

    Yes everyone I got my tongue pierced. After alot of antagonising I got it done. And thanks to Dani who put everything into perspective for me. If it wasnt for Dani I would never have got it done. Here is a pic to prove it
  7. RK

    Messenger Live

    I have the new Messenger Live on my computer and it said that it will bring all my contacts over from the 7.5 to this one. When I downloaded it and installed it on my computer no contacts were brought over, so does anyone know whats happened or what I should do??
  8. RK

    Rugby League Week

    This is probably a long shot but I would like to know whether there is anyone that has a copy of Rugby League Week that they are willing to let me borrow. It is the copy that came out in the week of 17th April - Round 6. I am looking for a particular article in there, if anyone can help me...
  9. RK

    Males Opinion on Tongue Piercings for Females

    I have been thinking about getting my tongue pierced for a while now and thanks to Dani has maybe pushed me to getting it done. But my question is, how do the men feel about females having a tongue piercing?? I want to know because if it turns men off I don’t want to get it done!!!
  10. RK

    Sony Ericsson Z800i

    Is there a way you can turn your camera sound off so that when you are taking a photo no one can hear it???
  11. RK

    Wittyz Chick - A dedication to you

    I think Wittyz Chick is an awesome chick!!! Without a shadow of a doubt!!! What does everyone else think???
  12. RK

    Do administrators not like talking to inferiors

    Is it just me or when you need help from an admin they dont want to talk to those inferior to them?? Why is that??
  13. RK

    94: The Movie Game

    New Game New Game. This one is called the movie game. Some of you may know it and some of may not, but someone has told me this game and i think its brilliant. It is quite similar to the name change game but an extra step has been added. The rules of the game * Must be movie actor...
  14. RK

    What Happened????

    What happened to the forums???
  15. RK

    Need Mens Perspective

    I was just having a chat with one of my friends about how you know if a guy is interested in a girl when your out and about. I got a few ideas = They give you the eye all night = They smile at you But how do you know that thats what they are doing?? Who should be making the first move??
  16. RK

    RaiderKate 201st Post

    A Whoohoo!!!!
  17. RK

    Peoples Thoughts on GPS's

    Hi everyone I would like to know what everyones thoughts are on GPS's?? Whats the difference between the each one and which is the best buy??
  18. RK

    Stupid question - But who's going?? Tiges -v- Raiders

    I know this might be a stupid question but who will be attending the game on Sunday?? Who will make their way out to Campbelltown to see the Tiges go down to the Mighty Raiders?? YES I know stupid question