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  1. Frailty


    Given the two decisions in the Bulldogs-Souths game, and now Foran's try in the Sea Eagles-Cowboys game... What the hell is the obstruction rule this year (or week)? The one incidence where no player was obstructed was penalised over-ruling the referees on-field call, and the other two which...
  2. Frailty

    Punching no longer Mandatory sin bin?

    By the looks of last night, players are allowed to throw punches and stay on the field. Or maybe just Gidley.
  3. Frailty

    Blake Ferguson found guilty of indecent assault
  4. Frailty

    Chairman's Message April 2013 Quite a good and informative statement if you ask me.
  5. Frailty

    What do you want to see in 2013?

    This thread is to discuss the changes we need in 2013 to improve - team, tactics, bench use, etc. What would be an acceptable finish in 2013? Can we win the premiership?
  6. Frailty

    Brisbane v Sydney crowds

    Do you realise that your club made a record half yearly profit this year and they directly said that this was due to the amount of Friday night coverage they got? It's not hard to outdraw Sydney sides when you are the only team in the city, and you get almost guaranteed FTA coverage every...
  7. Frailty

    Cronulla Sharks Development Approved! Where is kmav? This secures the Sharks future, and will ensure we are one of the financially stronger publicly-owned clubs!
  8. Frailty

    My Apologies

    To the players and coaches (and fans). After the last few weeks I was very pessimistic about our chances to make the eight, and predicted we would not win another game - and I couldn't have been more wrong. I doubted, and the team made me look stupid today. This team is different to...
  9. Frailty

    Weekly "It's the Refs Fault" Thread

    Since some merkins think it was the referees fault we lost, whilst neglecting we won the penalty count, scored on the back of a dodgy penalty, had possession and territory and still couldn't beat the team coming second last, here is a thread for all you f**kers to whinge.
  10. Frailty

    Jack3d (and other DMAA supps) to be banned in Australia

    In other news, Cigarettes and Alcohol which has research supporting its contribution to illness and death remains legal for consumption...
  11. Frailty

    NRL Club Bias

    Do you think the NRL shows favour to any particular clubs, or does the opposite and constantly on top of clubs? The reason I bring this up is because it appears that the NRL refused to allow the Sharks to have Blades pay for a jersey sponsorship for more than one week...
  12. Frailty

    Team v Beagles...

    ... That you will not see announced (but I wish would be announced). 1. Gordon 2. Williams 3. Mills 4. Bakuya 5. Feki 6. Carney 7. Townsend 8. Ross 9. Morris 10. Gibbs 11. Smith 12. Gallen 13. Graham 14. DeGois 15. Toupou 16. Frizell 17. Fifita What's yours?
  13. Frailty

    Manly - Perennial Whingers? f**k ME! He has to buy his own boots? Ouch!
  14. Frailty

    Nathan Gardner

    Looks like he will be out for another 6 weeks (approx.) Needs to have surgery on foot. Injured further when he came back too early against doctor's advice (was at insistance of the coach).
  15. Frailty

    Sharks v Melbourne

    Who is travelling down to Melbourne for the game? Will be the first time I get to watch the Sharks in a couple of weeks since moving down here. Would love to share a drink with a few of you.
  16. Frailty

    Sports clubs accused of rorting tax concessions

    Don't worry the Leagues Club's are in the clear... ... This is a Melbourne issue that includes the AFL Clubs
  17. Frailty


    It seems to be the best, and only option, for our club to be financial stable and be able to be competitive against other clubs (in terms of club expenditure). The development will ensure our survival but it will not mean the club will prosper by any stretch of the imagination. In my opinion...
  18. Frailty

    $10,000 Richer

    Good work you good things!
  19. Frailty

    Where are you season seats?

    So where is everyone sitting in 2011? I'm excited, since a change of jobs I will be able to attend more games this season.. I'll be in Bay 39 of the Southern Stand.
  20. Frailty

    Sharks Commit To High Performance Unit

    Well it appears the club is beginning to head in the right direction. Better late than never... This will see us begin to close the gap with other clubs.