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  1. Stained_Class

    We Are Marshall DVD - Watch It!

    You don't have to be a fan of the sport to enjoy this movie. Good choice.
  2. Stained_Class

    Favourite Youtube music clips

    Another great version of the song from 3 of the most technically brilliant guitarists o the planet. Satriani, Vai & Malmsteen. From the DVD G3 - LIVE IN DENVER
  3. Stained_Class

    Have you ever

    Let Her!
  4. Stained_Class

    buy online I've never used it, but friends swear by it. Theres also an adult version of ebay as well if you're looking for something nice for the missus.
  5. Stained_Class

    Have you ever

    LOL. Do the deed. Just don't brag about it.
  6. Stained_Class


    What a wonderful attitude he had in regards to his illness. Very brave indeed. Hard not to feel inspired and feel admiration for Ozzie. He must have been a great man to know. My deepest condolences to his entire family.
  7. Stained_Class

    Have you ever

    Truer words never spoken. Hang in there.
  8. Stained_Class

    Have you ever

    One important fact to remember Moffo, if she's happy to cheat on her current partner, what's stopping her from doing the same to you later on?
  9. Stained_Class

    Have you ever

    Moffo, you've got to let her go otherwise all you'll be doing is beating yourself up.
  10. Stained_Class

    Have you ever

    There goes that idea.
  11. Stained_Class

    Have you ever

    Did you get any nude pix?
  12. Stained_Class

    Have you ever

    Yeah you could do that as well as long as you can accept that there could be dire consequences that go with those actions.
  13. Stained_Class

    Have you ever

    Ouch! I'd prefer the broken collar bone.
  14. Stained_Class

    Have you ever

    I'm sorry to say Moffo, but it seems like she played you mate. I know that's not what you want to hear, but that seems to be the case. There's really nothing anyone can do for you unfortunately except offer advice, but ultimately you're going to do what you feel you need to do. Avoid trying to...
  15. Stained_Class

    Have you ever

    Rarely works when you're the third wheel.
  16. Stained_Class

    Extension to home - Ideas ??

    Don't do what I did. Start another room before you finish the one you're on. Most of the work is done in our bathroom, but I started on the kitchen before I finished the bathroom and it's still waiting for completion.
  17. Stained_Class

    MSN Errors

    Hit it with a bigger hammer.
  18. Stained_Class

    wtf @ this new sport

    LOL love it. Why even bother with the table? LMAO!
  19. Stained_Class

    Broken Collarbone

    Saw my 10 year old nephew riding his on Xmas day and I had similar visions to your xray. Damn that looks painful. Sorry, I can't give you any advice, but I hope you heal soon and with little trouble.
  20. Stained_Class

    The Dragons - A team that is going no where

    LOL. A sense of humour is nice in a girl, but it's not what guys want. Not at first anyway. :cool:

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