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  1. Wato

    Game of the Year Watch 2014

    Thought it would be an interesting to have a thread to discuss this years contenders as they come out. So what's everyone's contenders so far? Personally the top three I have played so far this year are 1. Child of light: fantastic game with a beautiful art style with an enjoyable combat...
  2. Wato

    Swann retires

    Graeme Swann has retired from international cricket. Huge loss for England despite his poor series he is still the second best spinner in the world. His always entertaining to watch so he will be missed by more then just England fans.
  3. Wato

    Who replaces Ponting?

    So with the ponting era coming to an end Australia must choose who to succeed him at 3 or 4 for the series against Sri Lanka. So who do you guys favor? Should we go for a verteran to help regain the Ashes who look to a younger player? These at the top 5 Shield run scorers according to...
  4. Wato

    Hilder re-signs with Knights

    Hilder re-signed for two years and wes is close to a new deal.
  5. Wato

    NSW at a cross road

    After leaving out several former and current test players including Kurt Gidley, Jarryd Hayne, Luke Lewis, Anthony Watmough, Robbie Farah and Micheal Weymen the Blues excelled in a game dominated by Queensland despite losing by four points. The Blues rediscovered the grit required to play origin...
  6. Wato

    Uate Injured

    Injured his leg in a training session although completed the session. Source 9 news.