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    Copa America 2015

    Hola amigos, Well it's all building up here in Chile to a massive Copa America......mind you everyone is football crazy here anyway but the fact the Copa is in their own backyard you cant watch an hour of tv without seeing at least 5-6 ads promoting the tournament. Unfortunately every...
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    Parma! Is anyone actually surprised?
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    BEAVER is coming home!

    Beaver headed back to Brookie Richard Maxton | Photo: Thursday 18 July 2013 3:28 PM The Sea Eagles are proud to announce that, after 21 years of first grade rugby league, Manly icon Steve "Beaver" Menzies will next year return to where it all began. Menzies will be back at...
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    Wild Krill Oil

    My dear wife has just bought 2 bottles of this as it's usually $24.95 each but it was 2 for $20! I usually take fish oil tablets but apparently this is better (not just because Ponting recommends it). Is it another hit and miss myth?
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    8 GF's and to all our younger Manly supporters, I remember 7 of them but apparently have seen all 8 :D more important, we have the best team and coach in the NRL!
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    We are hated but not in my house right now!

    :D How good is it to share a win with a wife who loves you and two sons who I have never forced to follow Manly (well of course there was the odd threat to send them to Chile with no money as they had a Tigers following moment due to exterior family member pressure) who jump around with their...
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    I think I said this back in 2008 but.....l..

    Get that into you :D But unlike 2008 when I loved seeing the Storm crushed and as we all know now, cheating the salary cap.........the Warriors deserve plenty of praise as they really took it to us! Robbo, champion we will miss....
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    It's been a while!

    :D Welcome, chileman. You last visited: 08-10-2009 at 10:33 AM Nearly 2 years since I've posted :o Geez time flys by quickly....anyway hopefully be around a bit more to post especially about the Mighty Sea Eagles!
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    It takes one to win one!

    It's probably been said before but as a Manly supporter I went through this in 2007 only to turn it around in 2008 in grand style and I can see the Eels go through a similar loss/win scenario in back to back GF's if they keep the same squad and coaching staff! It hurts one year, we had Brett...
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    How many Big Toe nails have you lost???

    Just played soccer and was smashed in the foot on the good ole big toe! Took the boot off after the game and the whole toe nail is blue.....which always means in 3-4 weeks it will fall off (toe nail that is :lol:).....I think it's the 11th big toenail I'm going to lose.......painful but it seems...
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    How good was he yet again....forget origin, how was he against the Bulldogs....all our lads were giving it their best and I hate picking out a stand out player but.....Go Choc!
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    Nunawading, Melb

    Anyone been there and what is this suburb like, is there public transport close (trains) and how far is it from the CBD of Melbourne??? There is a means to an end for these questions ;-)
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    Aaron Markie

    Your thoughts on this stalwart of our club who only has the Manly Sea Eagles and it's supporters in his best interests as we have a booming season this year! :sarcasm: The proof is in the pudding.......and plenty of it!
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    How come everytime I see a surgeon or Doctor injecting needles into the face or where ever to remove those nasty wrinkles, the person injecting the botox looks like a prune??? :sarcasm: Oh and for the fellas out there, if you met a 27 year old girl you fancied that had numerous botox visits to...
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    1st Test England vs West Indies - LORDS

    About to get underway, should be an interesting series to gauge how strong England will be for the up and coming Ashes series!
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    Tackling shadows all night yet again....he is shocking in defence, what the heck is he pointing at each time the opposition go in to score?????? Surely we hav3e a better option than Bani?
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    How do you like your coffee and are you an instant coffee or filter coffee drinker. Only when I'm desperate do I drink instant, I love my coffee filtered in our drip filter machine or in a french press and I like it strong, with a dash of milk and with two sugars.....I could drink it black but...
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    Why don't we just have touch downs like American football??

    It would save embarrassing decisions like the one from Bill 'I'm never wrong' Harrigon in the first Broncos try..........but seriously forget touchdowns, this bloke can't be a vid ref for real can he...would he make the same decision in an Origin game or the Grand Final???
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    A pinch and a punch......

    Stuff the pinch, I'll just punch you all , I'll get Watmough to give me some lessons :p Oh, and happy April Fools day Firkins! :D
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    Any fans of PRUNES here???

    My sons are both discovering the beauty of prunes here as they are both having problems going to the loo here with the different foods and so much bread. So of course dad had to eat a few just to assure them they wouldn't die eating them and I actually really enjoyed them.....use to eat them all...

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