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  1. bottle

    Hi mate, taking a shot in the dark here. Haven't seen nor heard from you for a long time. I've...

    Hi mate, taking a shot in the dark here. Haven't seen nor heard from you for a long time. I've abandoned the forum myself but am just coming in to send you this message in the hope it might get to you. If so please email me on Cheers, Steve
  2. bottle

    Dragons coach looking forward to big guns returning

    They interviewed Friz before the CS. Said he'd just started running and had some soreness in the back. Was hoping for a return Rd 1 but looked dubious. I'd be stunned to see him run out before the season starts, let alone this week. Could be a smokescreen, but doubt they'll risk him following...
  3. bottle

    McGregor: We Lost The Ground

    Yes you did.;-)
  4. bottle

    Adam Reynolds to Dragons?

    Haha, great user name. :D
  5. bottle

    charity shield side

    A prominent Sydney liar is jubilant tonight, Saints lost a trial game. If Lafai can't put in a better showing Aitken will get first dibs, simple. I was for signing Lafai and have been a fan, but tonight's performance, albeit with limited opps, was uninspiring. He needs to step up big time from...
  6. bottle

    cooper cronk

    Btw, forgot Bellamy at Melbourne (rookie). But apart from that....
  7. bottle

    cooper cronk

    This. Plus he's a rookie coach and an old boy. A prominent Sydney liar has assured me that this is a recipe for disaster. What other club would appoint a rookie and an old boy and expect success? None of them. Apart from Manly maybe. They appointed rookies in Hasler, Toovey and now Barrett of...
  8. bottle

    New trial rules

    Kasiano special.
  9. bottle

    charity shield side

    IQ of 20 desperately trying to cover his much used arse lest should it get raped on Saturday. Here's a tip dope, it's a trial. A win in this game has always mattered more to Souffs dopes than it has to us. We see it as a genuine opportunity to test combos and play with our depth a bit. Stop...
  10. bottle

    New trial rules

  11. bottle

    9's thread

  12. bottle

    Wynnum - Manly Trial

    That game was played in quarters. It was hung in the balance, and ended up drawn.
  13. bottle

    Jarryd Hayne: "if I’d ever come back I’d go to Parra"

    Surely Hayne Kloppter has a view on this. Log off and let him speak.
  14. bottle

    Wynnum - Manly Trial

    It doesn't, but that doesn't matter in this case. Personal vendetta in play.
  15. bottle

    charity shield side

    Hole in the vermin proof fence.
  16. bottle

    9's thread

    I think R.E.M. wrote a song about this.
  17. bottle

    Trial matches

    Cheers mate.
  18. bottle

    9's thread

    Anyone with a semblance of common sense knows it is a hit and giggle tourny. It's a nice financial fillip to start the year if you can get through, but it's about giving a few youngsters a run and blowing out some cobwebs. God forbid we should ever see it more seriously than that. It's debatable...
  19. bottle

    Mose out for the season

    I'd prefer it happened to no one.