1. Out Now: The Front Row rugby league magazine

    The next edition of our exclusive weekly online e-magazine is here. The Front Row is your ideal guide to Round 12 of the NRL and Super League restart, with news, player stories, results, reports, teamlists, match stats and previews to accompany your weekend of footy viewing ahead.

    This week's huge 44-page programme is a milestone in rugby league - the first global match programme covering both NRL and Super League under the same umbrella.

    Some great features this week - an important chat Josh Wells has with a concussion expert on the way sports media approach head injuries; Paul Jobber speaks to Connor Watson as the Newcastle hooker position becomes more cursed; and legendary sports writer Steve Mascord joins the team with a piece on how Sunday's Super League restart will work as he interviews Leeds boss Gary Hetherington.


    Guest, click here to read online or download your free PDF copy

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