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  1. The Silverdale Phantom

    In what direction is the universe expanding?

    I was going to ask @Everlovin' Antichrist or anyone else who is astronomical. So Hubble said the whole show is expanding and the expansion is speeding up. I was trying to work out where they said it started relative to our Sun? Also, is the acceleration a constant or do different chunks of...
  2. The Silverdale Phantom

    Morris? Vote here.

    By any objective standards Johnny Morris has done a fair job at the Sharks. He didn’t inherit the best roster and they have shown some spark under his command. I think he would bring a lot to the Wests Tigers in an assistant role with a view to the post Madge full time appointment, depending on...
  3. The Silverdale Phantom

    Does Latrell play if available? Where? Next contract offer?

    Given how strongly you are going lately, I was just wondering if anyone would select Latrell if he suddenly became available. Do you mess with this side or chuck him in somewhere ( if so, where?) Whispers about 2 more years with Souths are gathering momentum, but I’m also not sure what the...
  4. The Silverdale Phantom

    Family Members come out of the closet as Raiders Fans!

    Devastated, a few of the family shred their family heritage and are discovered to be paid up members of the Raiders! Any re-education or counselling tips welcome.
  5. The Silverdale Phantom

    2013 VW Tiguan v Toyota Camry?

    Replacing second car. Knocked it down to these, with the Impreza as a smokie. Putting aside the usual variables, kms, service history, anyone have any preference with reasons?
  6. The Silverdale Phantom

    Young Nathan’s Supposed Harem!

    I was just wondering what the Panther faithful thought of this inopportune photo. It’s not a good look for himself or the game but I understand it was all pretty much innocent and the girls are his sisters friends. But why do footballers trust people to take footage of them? Nothing to do...
  7. The Silverdale Phantom

    Song for Latrell...lets get him Tiges!

    Photo taken at BankWest 2019. My thoughts: Latrell is one of the best players in the comp. He is easily the best rooster. He is lethal and most defences can’t handle him. He scores about 150 pts per season. He can kick. He is fit, strong and very clever. Latrell will be one of the greatest...
  8. The Silverdale Phantom

    Reynolds back in first grade.

    Josh has just announced that he’s back in first grade next week on 2mmm. I think it’s long overdue. Any comments/insights welcome:
  9. The Silverdale Phantom

    Request a free photo of your fave tiger v Souths here!

    Dear forum brothers and sisters, Barring any contingency, I will be attending the game v bunnies at BankWest and will be seated in the members area. If you have a favourite player that you want a photo of, I will do my best to try to capture him for you and post it here for you after the...
  10. The Silverdale Phantom

    What last night taught us.

    Firstly, as Madge pointed out, 3 or 4 tries came from exploratory kicks and intercepts which is a tribute to the overall defensive effort of the Tigers. But the attack was pedestrian. Brooks tried his heart out but the right hand attack had nothing. Mbye isn’t in the game these days, the...