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  1. Tuddy

    R5 eels

    Just a great game to watch, there was so many positives. So much skill and so tough. Hard to believe it’s pretty much the same side as last year. Time to extend Hooks contract!
  2. Tuddy

    6 Again Rule

    We are also seeing a lot of rubbish in the first tackle now, changing it from six again to an extra two or even three tackles would negate this.
  3. Tuddy

    Billy Burns

    I’ll be surprised if we sign Burns, Fifita or McGuire. Every announcement so far has come out of left field catching us all by surprise. It’s almost like someone’s strategically dropping names occasionally to take everyone’s minds off the real play. Either way, it doesn’t appear Millward has as...
  4. Tuddy

    Round 4 V Newcastle

    As you say mate ‘at the moment’ ... it’s early days, there’s a lot of room for improvement in this squad ... and with the right coaches, we are going in the right direction.
  5. Tuddy

    Round 4 V Newcastle

    This was a huge turning point for me....young bull vs the old bull.....and the young bull came out well and truly on top. This might be the beginning of him, he needed to have a moment like this and who better to have it with than a former origin player like Klemmer.
  6. Tuddy

    Round 4 V Newcastle

    Just watched the replay and then started reading this.....just loving your comments. Sims and Rava 1&2 but just a huge team effort. You just know the commentators would love to throw a reference to Mary in but Hooks giving them nothing. The guy is giving us what we knew we were missing and I...
  7. Tuddy

    Matt Dufty

    Time to throw him in the halves and see how he goes?
  8. Tuddy

    Hunt pleading for time

    What a massive loss...I hope it’s a minor break and that he has a swift recovery.
  9. Tuddy

    The I was wrong thread

    I was saying twelve months ago Rava needed some development......well he’s developed, fast becoming one of my favourite players. McCulloch is also looking the goods. Very happy with both of them and I can’t see that changing. Good times.
  10. Tuddy

    Round 3 v Manly

    Finally! ..... Hope!!!
  11. Tuddy

    Round 3 v Manly

    They are getting belief in themselves, the coach and the new captain.....this is the most optimistic I’ve been in years.
  12. Tuddy

    Round 3 v Manly

    Three rare breed turkeys and play like this = me smiling from ear to ear
  13. Tuddy

    Matt Dufty

    This observation infers that the bitching stopped at some point.....he hasn’t earnt that yet. I’ll be sure to let you know if it does stop but I’m not entirely sure it will. What I am sure of is that he is running out of time. His only chance in my view is that we move him into the halves as...
  14. Tuddy

    Corey Norman

    The measure of a great player is how they play in the years when they aren’t off contract. I’m expecting Norman to play his heart out this year because he knows he has to. If we re sign him for next year we know what we can expect then as well and it won’t be the level of effort we see this...
  15. Tuddy

    Round 2 v Cowboys

    Great post OT, made even better by the fact that everything you wrote I agreed with. Looks like we are out of that very dark tunnel and back in the light again.
  16. Tuddy

    Round 2 v Cowboys

    Well done Hook you’ve shown us some, lose or draw I might actually enjoy watching us play this season.
  17. Tuddy

    Round 2 v Cowboys

    I really want to like Ben Hunt....tonight he’s making that easy and Kerr....Kerr’s becoming what we all knew he could be. Good times....let’s go on with it.
  18. Tuddy

    Charity Shield 2021

    The game breakers you mention aren’t bad but they certainly aren’t great.....totally agree about zero playmakers.
  19. Tuddy

    Charity Shield 2021

    I wasn’t expecting a miracle but I didn’t think we’d be this bad. Who are the game breakers? Who are the enforcers? Trial or’s going to be a long year.
  20. Tuddy

    Cameron McInnes

    Nice place mate.....I thought you were still living with your Mum?