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  1. Country Dragon

    The I was wrong thread

    Amazing what an actual coach can achieve!!!
  2. Country Dragon

    The Rumours Thread

    I hope your talking about the south coast of France and not St George Illawarra Dragons!
  3. Country Dragon

    Zac Lomax

    Mary all over!
  4. Country Dragon

    Widdop seeks release

    It’s just a shame he never got to play under a coach while at the Dragons!!!
  5. Country Dragon

    One to watch: Jason Saab

    Looking good so far!
  6. Country Dragon

    Trent Merrin and Bevan French will be signed within next 10 days.. see you then to discuss ...

    I’m not fussy, anyone will do at this stage of the game!
  7. Country Dragon

    Aitken or Lomax, who should be right centre?

    How could you honestly say he is too green for first grade, have you ever seen him play???
  8. Country Dragon

    Goal Kicking

    If you can’t see Lomax is the best centre prospect in the squad you have serious issues. There isn’t anything he has not passed in his 1st grade career so far!
  9. Country Dragon

    Goal Kicking

    It’s not just that, it’s just another reason!
  10. Country Dragon

    Should Mary's Contract Be Extended For another 3 Year Term?

    You have obviously forgot to use pink text!
  11. Country Dragon

    Sam Kasiano

    Even for 100K he is just an expensive reserve grader!
  12. Country Dragon

    Mary contract extension talks start

    If you’re happy with 7th spot on the ladder good for you. But with the team we have and the start they made, that’s close to a fail!
  13. Country Dragon

    Mary contract extension talks start

    I’m not saying we couldn’t have won it, but to say we “probably” win with Widdop is a massive statement! P.S. Mary is shit!
  14. Country Dragon

    Ben Hunt

    IMO, Robson would be a much better bench player than Dufty. If Dufty can’t make the 13 he should be in reggies!
  15. Country Dragon

    Robert Jennings

    Maybe Robert Jennings could play prop???
  16. Country Dragon

    The Rumours Thread

    I said the same thing to this bloke, he just said that’s the rumour getting around the club he coaches in the Gong!
  17. Country Dragon

    The Rumours Thread

    I’m not saying he’s an improvement, but I don’t think he’s any worse!
  18. Country Dragon

    The Rumours Thread

    I heard a few weeks ago that Gould/Barrett were on their way to the Dragons!
  19. Country Dragon

    Ben Hunt -what are you?

    The amount of shit he copped for attacking against Souths why would he do it again? Besides, isn’t it DCE’s team? Where was he?