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  1. Panther Pete

    Round 20 v Storm

    Why do you think a 4pm start could help Melbourne?
  2. Panther Pete

    Round 20 v Storm

    I don’t think it’s losing faith but rather being realistic. If you take into account the way we have been playing in recent weeks plus the amount of players we have out I don’t see where our tries are coming from against the Storm. But to be fair I am never optimistic when it comes to Penrith so...
  3. Panther Pete

    2021 R20 Sun - Melbourne 37-10 Penrith @ Suncorp

    I think $5.50 is short for us.
  4. Panther Pete


    I remember getting his autograph when he was still playing for us.
  5. Panther Pete

    Pennies v warriors

    A win is a win but if we play like that against the Storm in a fortnight it will be a very, very long night for us.
  6. Panther Pete

    Pennies v warriors

    I am certain if we can just hang on to the ball (unlike the Parra game) we will win. No doubt the attack will still be clunky without Nathan but just need to cut out the errors and we should be sweet.
  7. Panther Pete

    Pennies v warriors

    Although May at 7 doesn’t impress me I would like to think our forwards will get the job done.
  8. Panther Pete

    General Discussion Thread

    Not just dumb enough to have a bbq and get on the piss but also then stupid enough to have music blaring to attract even more attention to the fact they were in party mode.
  9. Panther Pete

    Rumoured & Confirmed Signings - Part 5

    Yeah you are probably right but the way it was described to me (which could well be wrong) was that is it a possibility he could stay.
  10. Panther Pete

    Rumoured & Confirmed Signings - Part 5

    Heard a rumour today that if we can free up a relatively small amount in our cap we could be able to hang on to Burton. Also said the money Broncos offered to Capewell was ridiculously big.
  11. Panther Pete

    Mighty Panthers V Parramatta

    Did Luai just say May is halfback? I just don’t get that.
  12. Panther Pete

    Rumoured & Confirmed Signings - Part 5

    I thought I read somewhere that Connor Watson was linking up with Craig Fitzgibbon at the Sharks next year to replace Chad who is off to the Cowboys.
  13. Panther Pete

    Non Penrith games

    100% accurate. Last night on NRL 360 Knucklehead Hooper put the blame on Justin Pascoe but also mentioned Ivan. Believe it or not Buzz Rothfield went to bat for Ivan informing Hooper that all the players signed by Ivan were no longer at the Tigers.
  14. Panther Pete

    Mighty pennies v the tigpies

    I am actually more excited about this game than I have been for just about any game this year as it should be a good match up. I know this sounds super smug but just about every other game the only unknown was basically how much we would win by.
  15. Panther Pete

    Round 12 V Dogs

    Play the ball?
  16. Panther Pete

    General Discussion Thread

    I admire Gal for getting in there and having a go as anyone who has stepped in the ring even just to spar will know its an extremely tough sport. And although Gal is super fit, this kid Huni is a boxer through and through and having seen his fights and looking at his amateur record I have...
  17. Panther Pete

    Opinion Penrith

    I reckon Roy is related to Silverdale Phantom.
  18. Panther Pete

    Round 12 V Dogs

    Should be plenty of parking at Panthers if you are arriving mid morning.
  19. Panther Pete

    General Discussion Thread

    I just watched a replay of the fight and you are right that as a heavy weight he doesn’t appear to be a super hard puncher. What he does have though is enormous boxing skills which is bad news for Gal as I believe Justis will give him a boxing lesson and just pick him off all night.
  20. Panther Pete

    Round 10 panthers v titans

    If a couple of years ago we put 48 points on a team I would have felt like I had won the lotto but now it’s almost like it’s expected or just another win, certainly a strange feeling for a Panther fan. Obviously Cleary was a standout last night and I can’t help think if Dylan Edwards was faster...

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