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  1. Quigs

    OT: names

    Why is Toby Toby? We all know him as Kunntarh Kinta (filter)
  2. Quigs

    The stars aligning?

    And Kickau (and the Trainer) took care of us. That stoppage was as big a bout of BS as you can get and it intercoursed us.
  3. Quigs

    OT: Dead hard rockers week

    We have just lost our Cronulla's own version of Uncle Nick or what could of been if his takeover was successful. Controversial businessman who was once was in the running to take over the Cronulla Sharks and was a former Sydney Swans owner Geoffrey Edelsten dies aged 78 Who knows if things had...
  4. Quigs

    GAME DAY vs the Chokkie Soldiers

    Yes I tend to agree R-15. Wade should sit down and have a good look at the replays of his Head knocks this year and how he responded to them at the time. Tonights leg wobbles looked really bad. Sometimes you just have to call time.
  5. Quigs

    3-2-1 vs. PP

    Couldn't be bothered wiff the 3-2-1.
  6. Quigs

    GAME DAY vs the Chokkie Soldiers

    When the hooker tripped Johnson that was the turning point. At the time it went undetected. He was put on report for it a minute or two later but if it had been picked up at the time .... would of been a penalty right in front ( kick us clear another two points) and karosi or what ever his...
  7. Quigs

    GAME DAY vs the Chokkie Soldiers

    I still liked the Taren Point Punt. Now that was a punt.
  8. Quigs

    GAME DAY vs the Chokkie Soldiers

    chad who?
  9. Quigs

    Valentine Holmes

    Question: "Did I miss something?"
  10. Quigs

    GAME DAY vs the Chokkie Soldiers

    I heard a story that it was so cold down there right now that the old Cap'n has been sitting down to piss.
  11. Quigs

    GAME DAY vs the Chokkie Soldiers

    Do we play well in the cold weather? I hope so because I anticipate it is going to be far-can chilly tonight. I'll be thinking of 'youse' at the local council owned Jubilee cesspool as I am curled up under the blanket on the couch. I suppose someone has to take one for the team.
  12. Quigs

    OT: Brian To'o.

    I like watching Toó too. But I don't think the young bloke will have a ten year career in the NRL. The body can only take so munch.
  13. Quigs


    It is a farcan brilliant time to live in Queensland Cools. Why don't they try Kharmichael The Hunt. Or maybe Fat Clive can get them Issie as long as Capes doesn't show him the home movies.
  14. Quigs

    OT - ORIGIN 1

    Felt will always have a place in 'me' heart. It twas he who scored the last minute try in the GF against the Donks which saw the game go into extra time. And then some useless hunt dropped the ball .... rest is history
  15. Quigs

    OT - ORIGIN 1

    Cept his dumbarse strip on Gagai that got them the penalty leading to Capes scoring.
  16. Quigs

    OT - ORIGIN 1

    Crikey there has been a few "with force" in the first half. The bunker must of encountered a power failure.
  17. Quigs

    OT: Jerome Luai - should this be OK?

    He is from Barcelona
  18. Quigs

    OT: Jerome Luai - should this be OK?

    Is that right that it is an 8.10pm kick off tonight?
  19. Quigs

    OT: Jerome Luai - should this be OK?

    If the Blues lose tonight I'm blaming Scummo, (and Carch) and furcan Penriff. Psssts got the Pizza organised and picked up a deep pan apple pie and some Reduced to clear Custard. I'm in the Party mood already. I can't wait for all the 'with force' and 'high contact' and 'six againers'. It...
  20. Quigs

    OT: Jerome Luai - should this be OK?

    Yes I am really looking forward to watching the inconsistencies in officialdoms definition to the new rulings compared to regular competition games. If forceful intent is to result in players being binned then I am expecting times during the game where it will be 11 against 10. But the pizza...